We moved!

I was reminded that I never posted, post-move.  Life has been a bit crazy, you might say.  But I will say, we love our new house.  It felt like home from the first time we saw it and it still does. 

Shortly after we moved in (read: the day of/day after) we discovered issues with the well. We did mange a temporary fix but I was in disadter mode for a while.  It's a sort of fight or flight sensation that I experience when dealing with an on-going issue.  I'm just constantly on edge.  Until we had lived here a week and I about exploded with worry to Ted (who was both shocked and full of pity), my emergency response system just hadn't shut down.  But we are doing well now.  We have water.  We have plans for continued water. We are doing great.

The thing is, we have a big house, over 2,000 sq ft (might not seem big to some, it's big to me) and we own 4+ acres.  I'm learning I have to do more to get things done.  I've been trying to learn to be proactive rather than relying on Ted as wholly as I used to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not outside mowing or anything, but I did put up our Christmas tree today.  I've never actually done that.  This is our 8th Christmas married and Ted has always been the one to put it up.  But today, I did it.  It was s steep learning curve.  I know, I know - how hard could it be?  Not very but I did have to take it apart a time or two before I got it right.

We're doing a bunch of things we haven't before, living here on our own land.  We are hauling our own trash.  This concept was foreign to me.  It would have been over $300/year for trash pick up.  Instead, we are doing it ourselves and spending about $70/year at the dump.  This has been cool because it has also prompted us to be more responsible with what we throw away.  Our first step was to get a compost bin for the kitchen.  We previously disposed of a lot of compost-able things and now we are using them for good.  We want to plan a sizable garden next year and this is a good start in that direction. Our next step is to be better about recycling.  Even if we were in town, we wouldn't have the choice to have recycling pick up.  It's all up to you if you want to recycle in our small town.  So we are working on it.  The biggest challenge for us is storage and figuring out a good system for recycling storage.  It's a process.

We recently purchased a 30-ish ft play area for our kids.  Yes, in case you're not great with figures, that's HUGE.  It has 3 swings, a full monkey bar, two large slides, a two level play area, and a small picnic table.  We found it on Craigslist and brought it all the way home from Mesa.  It was a semi-grueling-60-MPH drive home but we have it home and it will be reassembled this week.  To say the kids are excited would be an understatement. 

If you  made it this far, through the water quandry, the compost chat, and the play set brag/thrill, you deserve a medal.  But all I have for you is a cute picture of my kids that makes me happy.  I hope it does the same for you. 

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