My children, like most, swap out some words and letter sounds for others words and letter sounds.  Sometimes these habits make it tough to understand other people's children.  But my kids' swaps are pretty mild and understandable.  But they're even more than that to me. They are downright precious, tender, sweet, a reminder they are still little.  Some day they will speak correctly (I'm assuming, hoping) but for right now I love these little swaps.  I'm the first to admit I will miss them when they're gone.
Eggcorn instead of acorn
"My turn to pick up the Eggcorn!" - as said while playing the Sneaky, Snack Squirrel game.

Fruh-member instead of remember
"Mom, I FRUH-member when we went to Disneyland and we went there at night and we got to ride roller coasters and go inside the castle and..."

"with" rather than "if"
"We can go to the park, with we clean our room." This one bewilders me.  Gwenna did it before Mer and stopped a long while before Mer ever started saying it.

ta-TA in place of ta-DA
This is entirely Meredith.  When she gets excited about something she has done and wants to show it off, she exclaims with open arms, showcasing her good work, a hearty, "ta-TA!"  It makes my heart smile. every. time.

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Jewel said...

One of Jack's big swaps that he uses consistently (and that Clark has picked up) is the "t" sound replacing any "k" sounds ("I want some tate!")
and "g" sounds coming out as "d" sounds.
I know they'll have to be fixed eventually, but I love them.