Remember how I'm not a New Year resolution kind of person?  I'm not.  It's not my thing.  But I did realize today, on New Year's Eve, I'm lacking in an area I can pretty easily fix.  So why  not start today and be ready tomorrow?  I'm feeling pretty resolute.

Since Gwenna has been home, I'm been slacking on playing with my kids.  All THREE of them play really well together.  Gwenny and Mer have been happy to play with one another and Simon loves to either attempt to play with them or at least play by them with whatever they're playing with or something else entirely.  He just loves his sisters.  So I've taken to working on other tasks (or not... just being lazy) while they all play.  And, in all honesty, even before Gwenna went on winter break I was already slacking on playing with Mer.  Since we've moved into our new house, so much has needed to get done that it made it hard to drop it all and just play.  At any rate, I really want to start playing more with my kids again. 

The first step I'm taking towards playing with my kids more is relearning how to play.  Kids are the greatest teachers when it comes to this.  They're happy to teach as well especially if you don't mention wanting to learn and just, well, play!

Another thing I have done is remind myself that while I do have important things to get done in the course of my day, playing is also important.  It helps my kids know I love them and they are important to me, too.  It also helps us all have more fun - which, in itself is good, but also lowers my stress level. 

In honoring this reminder, I created a ghetto jar of play tasks.  Each is scribbled on the back of a piece of paper most likely sent by our bank, sniped and folded up.  I want to pick out a task when I feel overwhelmed and find myself telling my kids "No.  Sorry.  No time.  Maybe later. Can't.  Ask Dad!"  I'm sure you know the drill.  They're SO simple.  Bake something together.  Swing on the swings together.  Walk the perimeter of our entire property.  Walk to the mail box (round trip is nearly a mile).  Have a picnic on the play set.  Do a puzzle.  Draw on the chalk board. There are about 40 and I'll take them out as we accomplish them and then out them in another jar, to start over.  I think it will help.

So my words for this year are Play and Return.  Last years theme was Return and I loved it.  I loved thinking of how to return my gratitude, return to simplicity, return home and BE home as a family.  And we did really well, so I want to continue that.  But once we're here, being all simple and what not, I want to PLAY!

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Jewel said...

What a beautiful goal. I'm glad you're feeling resolute to do this one...I've had to work on that one myself lately.
It's hard to find the balance of taking time to play when there are so many other distractions yelling at us that we need to do in order to be "good" moms and housekeepers. Thank you for your sweet reminder.