Moving. Again.

We have this gestational relationship lately, moving and me. We moved to our small town and very shortly after, found out we were expecting. Nine months after moving in, we moved out and I had that beautiful baby boy, the joy of our (read: all four of us) lives. 

Now that 18 pounds of sunshine and energy is about to turn 9 months in days. Any guesses on how we decided to celebrate the occasion?

If you guessed MOVING you're right!

But this time, oh this time, we bought a house. So no more moving for a good long while. 

I've been so hesitant to share our news about buying this house because the process has been TERRIBLE. Wrought with challenges, frustration, extended wait times (on and off the phone), and confusion at every single step. I am not lying when I say NOTHNG about buying this house came easily. We were perpetually in a state of emergency and prayer. "We need to get pre-approved. We have to find the right lender! Should we bid? How much? Has the loan paperwork come back? Has anyone heard from the underwriter? FLOOD INSURANCE?!? We close when?! Can we stay in out current house until we move? Are we going to be homeless again?" ... That is honestly not even the half of it. So I was consistently hesitant to write about anything at all because many of my waking hours and thoughts were dedicated to this house and making it all happen. 

Well, folks, it happened. We closed Tuesday and the nature of the beast what it is, we rekeyed yesterday. No, we did not get keys, we provided our own, three days after we closed. But we are IN! - almost. Today is moving day. 

Now, out last moving day did not go well. Bursting pipes, gaping holes in the ceiling, and I was a ticking time bomb. Granted, I am no longer in need of a bomb squad, but think of us today, would you? Mention the Crowder family in your prayers should you be so inclined. Because this lady is tired and I just want to be in MY house. Ah... That is so nice to imagine. MY house. So nice to own again!

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carrielyshous said...

How's the new house? It's been almost a month after all, so I'm guessing you've found a few things you weren't expecting?