I feel I can cross something off my bucket list:
Grow, harvest, preserve, and eat something. 

This house had a pear tree when we moved in, waiting for love and a ton of water. That's just what she got. 

Two weeks ago, about, Ted started picking the pears. They were HUGE!  After they ripened a bit, with the help of my friend, we peeled them, cut, bathed them to prevent browning, filled jars, covered them, and processed them in this huge beast of a water bath canner:

They all sealed. 

And they all tasted delicious! ... Well, the ones we have eaten at least. I'm so pleased with this process. Our family LOVES pears so this was right up out alley. 

A couple notes:
We used the extra light syrup out of the Ball canning book. I'd highly recommend this syrup. Basically water to sugar, 5:1. 
Pears are not fun to can but the sense of satisfaction you get from knowing your family will have fruit from your own tree in January is SO worth it. 
Canning is slightly addictive. We also made two batches of refrigerator sweet pickles. Can't fit much more than that in the refrigerator at a time. They were also really tasty. The onions were even yummy. Who knew??

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