Little Miss

A bunch of AZ schools are starting today. Where we live, we only have a 4-day school week so our first week starts on a Monday. Next Monday actually. 

I'm seeing bunches of back-to-school and starting school Facebook and blog posts. They're making me anxious. I feel like my friend is moving. Not that I consider my first born child my friend over my child - I'm not that mom. But I am going to miss her in our home during the day. And here's why:

Gwenna is a strong energy in our house. She is totally extroverted and a fun-seeker. She loves to have scooter races, build block towers, and go to the park. She loves the library and going on any task with mom or dad whether it be grocery shopping or the hardware store. I am kind of like this and I used to be more so before I had three beautiful children. But now, Meredith and I could happily stay at home, cuddled up on the couch with a stack of books for the better part of the day. Sometimes I honestly feel we need Gwenna to make us go places and get up and do different things. Gwenna is a driving force in our home. 

Plus, I love having a big kid at home. She helps so much with Simon. She fetches things for me, brings him to me when needed, plays with him, holds him... I try not to utilize her much but she's always there for me when I'm in a jam. She is a big helper. Plus, she loves doing dishes. 

Gwenna is really funny too. She does the silliest dances and tells absurd jokes. She's an awesome artist. She loves to paint and draw. I'll miss her artistic contributions to our day. 

Each of our children is special and adds their own talents and flair to our family dynamic and I'm not used to losing any part of that, only adding to it so far. So it's with mixed feelings I prepare to send Gwenna off into the world of academia (you know, kindergarten) even though I'm confident she is going to love it. 

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