Growth Spurt

We've had a huge growth spurt the past two weeks and it is affecting our whole family. 

Gwenna has successfully competed two weeks of school. I don't use the word "successfully" flippantly here; she is a kindergarten success!  This child is a model student. She raises her hand to volunteer answers, plays hard, obeys, anticipates, is kind... I could go on but her cheeks are already red from the playground, no need to add an embarrassed flush. Needless to say Gwenna is growing, mind and body. 

There's a funny thing about a middle child becoming the oldest at-home child. All these things I thought only Gwenna knew, Mer knows as well. In the past two weeks Meredith's knowledge of letters and numbers has exploded. She loves to do "worksheets" and projects. If it includes pencils, scissors, and glue, even better! I have been astonished at what she knows. All the while Gwenna's swift tongue has answered for Meredith and now Meredith is answering for herself, with all the right answers. She is excited for preschool. We are doing a weekly preschool cooperative. I imagined Mer would be intimidated as the days neared for her to attend "school" without her sister. On the contrary, Meredith is desperate to begin. She was ill the first day and now counting down the days until she gets to participate with her friends. Meredith is blooming! 

Don't even get me started on this little guy. Strating out in the 5-10th percentiles at birth, he is now in the 25-50th. Physically, he is growing. He has also recently learned to sit. He still isn't great at it but he is improving. Yes, he was crawling - in various fashions - before he was sitting. Too much to get after to hold still. Tonight Simon went to sleep on his own. I'm not used to this. Simon is my first baby to nurse this long. At 6.5 months I still nurse him to sleep nearly every nap and almost exclusively at night.  But his mere existence caught me off guard and made me wonder (still I wonder) if we may be done having babies. I have not hesitated to baby this baby who is so insistent on growing up. So Simon putting himself to sleep tonight is wonderful, but pains me somehow. He fell asleep, as cries turned to whimpers, and I fervently texted Ted. "I don't want to let him cry it out. (I don't particularly believe in that.) But with the girls we could always replace their pacifier and with him I AM the pacifier." And then... he was asleep. And I was left to ponder our family's growth over these last two weeks.

Ted and I are in agreement; our children are growing rapidly. Neither of us are OK with that. Gwenna comes home from school sore. Her body is trying to grow as fast as her massive brain. I rub down her sweet limbs with baby lotion infused with my own blend of calming oils. I'm trying to ease her slight discomforts, convince her body to be calm and grow slower, and help her mind and heart to remember how much her lotion rubbing mama loves her. Oh I love her desperately! 

Ted and I are growing as parents. Our hearts swell like the torrents of the sea as we look on at these precious children we created. We are learning each day from them how to parent them and love them. I'm learning from him how to be patient and more kind. He is both. 

This growth spurt started without much warning. I keep trying to etch images of their perfection in my mind. And it's not always perfect every day - oh is it ever IMperfect! - but I don't want to blink and have grand children. I just want to savor these little growing beauties the best I can. 

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Jewel said...

Oh, my friend--we haven't hit the particular growth spurts you're describing quite yet, but I feel your pain with the miserable bliss that comes from watching your children grow and develop so quickly--moving on without you, as it seems.
I just can't but help and think of the fact that if they weren't developing so quickly, we'd probably be much more sad about that fact...but it's still tough.
Love you!! It was so much fun to text the other day!