Dating my husband

Today I went on a hot date with my hot husband. We dropped our three beautiful children off with our kindly friends. We hopped on his motorcycle with a picnic lunch and took to the wind. 

We drove the winding roads of Cochise County, taking in the grandeur of the mountains shielded from the sun by whispy grey clouds. We stopped at a pistachio orchard and rested our weary not-well-trained bodies, stretched, kissed, strolled. We to back on the bike, back the way we came. We stopped and purchased peaches to eat with our lunch and pears, mire ripe than those on our tree, to bring home. We sat and ate. We laughed and held hands. We relished the sweet after rain breeze. It was such a great time with a man I thought I loved when I married him. Silly children, what did we know of love?

As we rode back into town we hit a time warp of some sort. The ride back was so fast, that's the only explanation I can give!  Time alone with his man goes too quickly. 

I love you sweetheart. I love you at home over bowls of spaghetti and puréed veggies. I love you when we're elbow high in dirty dish suds. I love you curled up next to you watching a movie. I love you as we herd our herd on family outings. I love you from opposite ends of a church pew each Sunday. But I especially love you on the road, going 65, helmet clanking helmet on your small motorcycle. 

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Jewel said...

I'm so glad you got such a fun date with your hubby!
I love the "time warp" description--it's true. There's absolutely no other explanation for the reason time seems to fly when you're alone with the man you love.
Such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing!