Today my first born and I threw caution to the wind, leaving 5.5 month old brother with dad, sister, and a couple bottles and took off to the big city. We went back-to-school shopping, something that is right up my alley. We had a great time together even though she isn't a big shopping fan (that's my second born). We spent the whole day, just the two of us. Can't beat that, I thought. Lunch, just the two of us. Trying on new clothes, buying my favorite things - school supplies. Just me and my biggest girl. That's the life

Then tonight she couldn't sleep. Her sister was already out and she asked if she could help me as I cleaned the kitchen. I agreed. 

As I took the trash out, I happened upon a baby snake. I knew Gwenna HAD to see that. I grabbed Simon, two flashlights, and Gwenna's hand. She loved it. She loved how tiny it was, how fast it was, and that it wiggled indescribably quick. She LOVED that it looked like a stick before it looked like a snake. 

We turned to go back inside and I saw the majestic sky setting in our unobstructed neighborless view, turned lavender and tangerine by the last dregs of a setting sun. I pointed this out to her. She said that was her favorite color purple, that we should take a picture to remember it forever. I told her Heavenly Father made these things just for her. This wiggly snake and this painted sky. I was filled with love for her, the love our Father in Heaven has for his little girl. 

I would trade one hundred shopping trips to the big city for those 5 minutes with my little girl. Without ever second guessing, I'd make that trade. Now, that's the life. 

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carrielyshous said...

Love this post! Awh the little things :)