The one when...

We just got back from a short vacation in the Payson area with some of our very dearest friends. I think it will always be known as ...
The one when Simon was happy 90% of the drive ... 
and we drove a three hour stretch without stopping despite having a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 4 month old. 

The one when we went with our friends on a 5 mile hike through the beautifully green high desert forest ...

and the first 4.5 miles were ok. The last half a mile? Let's just say the men with a 40 lb. and 30 lb. child on their shoulders the toughest part of the hike are my heroes. Heroes!!

The one when we saw a bald eagle at the lake and a crane swoop down and snatch a fish out of the water ...

and when Mer unsuited to pee on the beach and I didn't know which side of her to cover with a towel, so I danced around her chubby little nakey body hoping to shield something from someone. 

The one when all three of our children finally had the chance to fall in love with our best friends the way we love our best friends. They really are some of the greatest people we know. 

And for fun: The one when:
... Kelly burned her face with popping oil. And it blistered. And the blister popped. 
... Best friend's Dad asked if the forehead band aid was due to being head butted by a unicorn. 
... We saw a hawk carry away a snake in its talons. 
... Ted took an alternate hiking route and we thought we lost him. 
... The Crowders DOMINATED Scrabble. 
... Kelly's hair was braided rather than Kelly braiding someone's hair. 
... There were several man giggles. 
... "Verily" and "boy howdy" took center stage. 
... Kelly experienced Salt River Canyon and renamed it White Knuckle Canyon. 
... We decided to stop seeing our best friends from other states because it only makes being away from them harder. 

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