Do you ever feel what you're doing is "outdated" or unpopular? I remember shortly after we moved to Arizona my uncle commented to my mom that he had no idea how she gathered all 7 members of our family around the dinner table every night. But she just did. I don't remember eating in front of the TV, grabbing food on the run, or ever eating alone. Even if we did have fast food once in a great while (and I remember the rare occasions because it was a big treat), it was around the table, together. 

And we prayed at meals. It was simple and it was rote. "Thank you for this food today, our family, and our house, Amen." But we did it. And I remember it. 

My family still does this. My husband works nights - just like my mom used to - so it is not easy. I'm often cooking during the few hours of the day Ted is awake. But my children know we are at the table together every night and we are eating together. 

This is important to us for family unity at this point in their lives. But the benefits are going to keep them in line later on.  I will expect them to be home for dinner each night and sit with our family. They will look their parents in the eye and we will talk together. I hope this will keep them from doing things they ought not to be doing and help them feel our love for them. 

We pray together multiple times a day. And we pray for each other by name - that Gwenna will feel happier, Mom's stomach will feel better, Simon will be a good eater and sleep well. Gwenna prays for her dad before he leaves or work that he won't have a lot of patients. That makes me smile. 

Our family meals and our family prayers  are walls to the fortress we are building around our family. We are trying to stay safe and clean from the deteriorating forces of this world. It's not getting any easier. 

I hope some day our children will remember specific meals and stories from their childhood. I want them to remember feeling loved and strengthened. We don't always do it right and at this point in our lives it is often stressful but we are doing it. We're going in the direction I don't see the world going in. It isn't always popular or the modern trend but we know it is right and we know is is blessing our family, blessing our children. They are always worth the effort. 

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Jewel said...

What a beautiful, eloquent description of such an important family tradition.
I just love you and your blog. I can't tell you how much, but thank you for sharing this.