Five in a flash

My firstborn turned five in the blink of an eye. One moment I was rocking her in a hospital room and the next she was a tall, wild haired kindergartener. 

Somewhere in between these expedited moments we were blessed to learn about this sweet ball of fun. She is always on the move, except when the television is on. This girl likes to play hard and have lots of down time as well. It's a challenge as a parent to balance the two for her. She takes everything in stride. She cries hard and recovers quickly. Gwenna has a great BIG heart. She feels things deeply and loves everyone. She thinks deep thoughts. She asks hard questions like how can we clean our insides to be clean before we die. She likes letters and is good with numbers. Gwenna needs sleep and she sleeps deeply. Penicillin is her worst enemy.  She considers every child she comes across her friend regardless of age. She is scared to try new things and elated when she succeeds. Gwenna is uncomfortable around water. She cannot swim and knows her limitations because of that. She would love to be able to swim. Gwenna has dancing feet - not that she is particularly skilled in any type of dance, she just sometimes cannot get her feet to stop dancing and moving. Activities such as tumbling and sports are not fun in themselves to Gwenna. She enjoys these things because she is with people.  She has a super memory. She often wins at matching games. Gwenna can sit and look at books on her own for an hour or more and does not like to be disturbed before she is done. She likes to wash dishes. She loves to help her parents. Gwenna doesn't like hot water. She tries so hard to communicate her feelings to her sister before they begin to bicker and I often hear her revving up for a fight when she can't be heard. Gwenna is an insatiable tattle tale. Gwenna is tender and sweet with her brother. She is a good sharer. Gwenna loves all types of food from squash, eggplant, and tomatoes to milk and cheese and meat. She always requests fun types of cakes for her birthdays. And she has given her father and I five beautiful years to smile upon. 

Happy birthday Gwenny girl. We love you with our whole hearts. 

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