Out of the house!

Though it's long overdue, a post about a family outing:

By the end of April I was in need of an excursion.  We had gone to Tucson with Simon once and again with our entire family a week later in the first 2 months of Simon's life. But I was needing another excursion and some room to breathe. So when Ted suggested Chihuahua National Monument, I was thrilled.

It was national parks week and therefore free. Can't pass up a free trip.  So away we went on our first hike as a family of 5.

Simon's little head was bobbling a bit in his hat, a hat that now fits him like a glove.  Our girls' feet fit snugly in shoes they now can't wear and have since been replaced. 

We headed to the park with Subway and home made trail mix.  After eating lunch we took off on a trail.  Around each corner there was something fun. A lovely scenic overlook featuring precariously balanced, comical rock formations.  A tower built of stones our girls insisted to be rapunzel's tower.  A crevice in a rock to climb through. 

It was a such a great day.  Though newly outnumbered, Ted and I never felt overwhelmed and we've  hiked more since with wonderful results.  We just love to be in nature togehter as a family.  Stretch our muscles, enjoy God's great (sometimes) green Earth.  Breathe deeper than we do throughout our regular days.


Mary Anne said...

Love that last picture so much! Family hikes are the best! You guys are so cute. Sweet Simon melts my heart.

Jewel said...

Steve and I have recently taken up hiking--it's wonderful!! Glad to see how happy your sweet family is.