I am deliriously in love with these three angels. As in completely in love. But also, I'm just delirious. 

People! I am SO tired!  This precious piece of perfect baby heaven hasn't slept more than 2 consecutive hours at night in three days. Naps? I'm lucky to get 25 minutes. Where did 5-6 hour stretches go?  I miss them!!

He is growing like a shrinky dink. "Just add breast milk!" Bah ha ha! That would be a great advertisement. 

He went through multiple outfits today. The first was his pajamas. I changed him into a onesie that was 3-6 months. I could baaaarely button one snap. What I couldn't keep it closed anymore (it was new, first time he wore it... And the last) I put him in whatever baby boy preciousness Meredith fetched for me. He promptly soiled it through and his swaddling blanket. "He has yellow poop just like my hair! ... But my hair isn't poopy." Meredith's comment clued me into the explosive situation. Then he got the onesie pictures above. Bigger and more poop colored. 

Good thing I'm so deliriously in live with him. Now just to make sure he is asleep so I can work off the delirious...ness. 

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Jewel said...

Oh, that tired stage. It's amazing we live through it, isn't it? Good thing that mother-love keeps us going.
Absolutely love your words and your pictures.