Occasionally I'm overcome by a wave of gratitude. 

Ted worked last night. Then he had two work meetings this morning before he could even catch a wink of sleep. As I reviewed my to do list I saw that everything but "wake Ted" was complete. Park, vacuum van, dishes - check! Start crock pot of beans and laundry - done. These accomplishments left me with cuddle time with Simon while my girls play Starfall together. 

I looked ahead to tomorrow's tasks and saw them much the same as today. It was this moment that wave of gratitude came over me. Today is much the same ad yesterday and tomorrow as today. And how grateful I am that these days are beautiful repeats of each other. They aren't always easy but the difficulty tends to be momentary and fleeting enough that I forget it by week's end. 

I love these days. I adore the thirty fingers I wrap in my hands throughout my day. I melt away in six bright blue eyes that amplify my love. I am perfected in three joyous hearts that beat swiftly. I am grateful for each day I have with my children.

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Jewel said...

I absolutely love your positive perspective on something that can make a lot of moms (me included) sometimes feel a little crazy--the repetition truly is a blessing, and I'm grateful to be reminded of that!
Sure love you.