When it rains it pours OR the story of 1000 silver linings.

This is a true story about the time when my family was homeless.

Let’s back up.  We have internet now.  We have, for two days.  It’s bliss.  I’ve missed it over the past month.  I promised I’d share my birth story when we had internet but as it turns out, I’m not ready to tell the story yet.  I’m not mentally or emotionally ready.  Not tonight at least.  Soon, I hope.

But this story is part of the story.  Sort of like the prequel.  Important but unnecessary but nice to know.

You see, this is the story about how this:

turned into this.

Which, strangely enough, turned into this:

 ... and, over the course of the whole story, eventually turns into this.

See?  It's totally worth sticking around for.

February 2, 2013 was the fated day.  

 Moving day. 

February 1 was supposed to be moving day but I had a doctor’s appointment in Tucson.  We moved a few loads of outdoor items when we got back but the big day was Saturday the 2nd.  We had more help than we expected and it was all wonderful and greatly appreciated.  The best help was probably from our friends, the Fullers, who came from Tucson.  They were amazing.  
After nearly everything was moved into the new house, we discovered some issues.  The first was that the ovens (yes, I have a double oven, dated but double) weren’t working.  Neither was the stove.  Luckily the issue was just a flipped switch on the breaker.  Discovered too late for my to make the food I’d intended to make but fixed just the same.

Then there was the water.  We'd been without water all day, over at the new house. People have peed in the toilets (all three of them, the two in the house and the one in the garage.  Quirky house.) and not flushed them in anticipation of the water being turned on later in the day.

When just a couple people remained from our moving crew, Ted and a friend went out to turn on the water.  You see, we have some land here and we have a well and you don’t just turn a knob and the water is on.  You turn a bunch of knobs all over the place.  My mother-in-law came into the kitchen while Ted and our friend were turning on the water to report that there was a waterfall over the hall closet.  What?!  And there was indeed.  It was coming through a groove in the ceiling.


We mopped (toweled!) it up and they turned the water off.

To make a really long story shorter, soon there was another leak just outside the kitchen.  Then there was one in the kitchen.  Then it was in the family room.  That's what the pictures above are of - the family room ceiling.  

So here we were, in our brand new house, without water.  There was not a stitch of furniture left at our old house.  Everything we owned was in a house with giant holes in the ceiling, saturated insulation, and no water.  

We ended up going home with our friends that night, back to Tucson.  They were so kind as to take us in for 3 days.  All the while we were keeping tabs on the house through the property manager and the work men.  It was bleak.  After three days there was still no water.

But I could NOT stay in Tucson.  I was due, in days, to have a baby and bring him home to what?  A house filled with boxes?  I couldn't have it.  I HAD to be closer to the house and be able to work on what I could what repairs were being done.

Where would we stay though?  We had the brilliant idea to call our insurance company.  We actually, apparently, have good enough rental insurance that they were willing to put us up in a hotel.  But it turned out to be a Motel 8 and that was NOT happening on my watch.  Ted had to work that night.  He'd already called in one night and he didn't want to keep doing that and eat away at the paid time off he had set aside for after the baby came.  His work needed him so desperately that they offered to pay for us to stay in town at the Holiday Inn.  Could you ask for a better employer?  I still didn't feel great about that.

It occurred to me at this point that we were, essentially, homeless.  I don't know how I'd managed to keep it all together with seriously minimal tears up to this point, but I was at my emotional wit's end.  I didn't want to stay at the Motel 8 or the Holiday Inn or even our amazing friends' house (comfortable as the arrangement was) because I needed to be HOME.  But "home" didn't really exist at this time, at I was 38+ weeks pregnant, with two sweet children to care for, and a husband who HAD to be in town to work and provide for his homeless family.  Sort of overwhelming, right?

Enter Melanie, a friend of mine.  We were texting about the progress of the repairs when she said, she had no idea why she hadn't thought of this sooner but her in-laws are serving a mission out of the country and their big, beautiful house was completely empty.


She double checked with her husband (who had just dropped dinner off to us at our water ravaged house) and he thought it was a great idea.  We spent the next 4 days at the coziest home.  It was warm, had water, and that could have been about all we needed but it also had toys (see Gwenna in the dog costume above), movies, comfortable beds (and many to choose from!), it was beautiful, and had everything we could possibly need.  

It amazes me as I look back at this story just how well cares for we were.  We had friends offer their homes to us fora  solid week, dinner was brought to us twice, friends lent us their trailer to move, friends offered to watch our kiddos... every time we turned around someone was offering us some sort of service or assistance.  Just when I felt like it wasn't going to work out, up popped a new blessing. 

February 11, 9 days after moving into our new house, was our schedule induction.  On the 9th I had a doctors appointment at which I found out I was still dilated to a 2 (just as I had been a week before) and that was pretty frustrating to me.  BUT!  That night I went home and slept in my new house.  In my own bed.  And we had a fire in OUR fireplace and roasted marshmallows in OUR fireplace!

And I slept in my mostly unpacked house a whole two nights before we had our third baby.   

When I look back at this story and read the texts of horror and delay of repairs and despair that I sent to my mom I'm shocked.  I don't exactly think "Why did this HAPPEN to us?  WHY at THIS time?!"  But I do have one thought pop up in my head again and again.  Heavenly Father sure loves His children - He loves ME and he loves my family and he provided surprise blessings for us around every corner.  This story makes my sweet Simon's birth story so special, through intensely chaotic.  

Ok, I'm getting closer to being able to tell Simon's story -and it is just that, his story.  I was there, but it's all about him!

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Jewel said...

Oh, Kelly, this makes me cry. I'm so sorry you had to go through so much awful junk right before having your third baby (which, as you saw in my post, was kind of a tough one for me)...but I'm so excited to hear Simon's story!! I just know that Heavenly Father gives us only what we can handle, and He gives us ways to handle it (as you so beautifully pointed out with your stories of the wonderful friends who came to your rescue), and He knows how amazing, strong, and faithful you are. I am SOOOO impressed with your amazing attitude--to go through these things and never ask "why," but more of "what can I learn?" Your strength floors me. Thank you for sharing.