Everyone has moved.

It has been weeks since I've updated my blog. This fact alone, sadly, isn't terribly unusual except for the fact that we have moved to a new house AND had a baby in this time. I've been dying to document the excessive newness but have been thwarted in my attempt. You see, we moved about a mile or two outside the realm of semi-civilization (we lived in a small town to begin with and now we live outside the city limits if said small town). We tried to transfer our internet and we were told out IDP doesn't provide service where we live. Then we tried another, more local provider. They use line-of-sight Internet though and our large collection of beautiful, mature, tall trees lining the back side of our property keeps us out of sight. We tried a satellite company and were told they serve too many people in our area as is and they're not offering any new contracts where we live. We finally found someone who would provide service for just the cost of an arm, not an arm and a leg, but thu said the earliest they could set up service was the 28th of this month. Now, that's only 4 days away but we had our Internet with our old provider set to transfer on the 1st of the month. We will have been without Internet service for an entire month at least by time we finally have service again. Did I mention we only have Netflix and our kids have been a little stir crazy without My Little Pony? Also, our bank is out of town. To deposit checks we get to either drive an hour away or scan our checks to deposit them online. Holy moly - the things you don't anticipate. Can't print out forms to sign Gwenna up for t-ball, can't deposit our renters rent check (scanned it at home and did that at the library - got smart on that one), can't make a cutesy birth announcement for the third born, can't check Ted's pay stub obline or access his tax documents... It's relatively insane how much we've missed having the internet at home. I am in fact writing this from my iPhone and I can't even fathom the spelling errors and humorous auto corrections I will find when I'm done, as it's difficult enough to type all this on my phone, lee alone try to go back and fix my errors. Anyway, moving details (oh the horror!!) and Simon's birth story will follow. Soon, I hope. Like, by the first of next month! - which, while it sounds forever away, is actually this coming week.

In the meantime, know, we love our new house, we are tickled pink (blue?) by the sweetness of our perfect baby boy, and we look forward to connecting with the outside world again. Soon. Hopefully. With our luck, this company will probably back out.


Bethany M said...

Looking forward to hearing the updates in detail!
Sorry about the internet mess and the water leak in the house.
But, CONGRATULATIONS on your baby boy!!!

Jewel said...

I'm SOOO excited to hear details. Sorry about all of the issues and not-fun details about all the newness, but I'm thrilled for all of the fun parts!! I'm waiting in breathless anticipation for your next post--and, PS, there weren't too many spelling errors and/or autocorrect typos!! I'm impressed!!