Not what I expected of a 9 month lease.

Some people would read this title and think "Is she talking about leasing out her womb for 9 months?  Because pretty much all this woman talks about is being pregnant."

It's true.  I do talk about being pregnant.  A lot.  You see, first I was pregnant for the better part of 2 years!  Then I took some time off and eventually we tried to get pregnant again ... for almost a year and a half.  Then I did get pregnant, last MaySo yes, a lot of my life is spent thinking about, trying to get, or BEING pregnant.

That being said, I'm talking about a whole different kind of lease.  An actual, HOUSE lease.  Like, the house my family lives in.

You see, when we moved to this house we live in now, we weren't overly fond of it.  It totally offered what we needed: 4 bedrooms, 2  bathrooms, a fenced yard, a nice neighborhood, close to Ted's work.  But that really is all we required.  That and it not be disgusting.  We got all of that - it's not disgusting.  But it's not amazing either.  We signed the shortest lease we could talk the landlord into and it happened to be 9 months.  And we happened to sign it in May.

It just so happens our 9 month lease expires 5 days after my due date.  
Nice, right?

Now, our landlord has been totally willing to let us go month-to-month at the SAME rent (who DOES that?!) as long as we give him a month's notice before we leave.  And we had originally thought to do that because we thought we'd be moving out of town or even state before May.  But we feel differently now and we want to stay here for another year and a half, until Gwenna is done with kindergarten.

I'm not a fan of the school system here and I don't really want to ship Gwenna to another school district for kindergarten.  Maybe later on if we stay here but I can hardly stand the idea of full day kindergarten at all, let alone a COMMUTE!  ... SO! Being that Gwenna is really with it and a less-than-ideal kindergarten experience isn't going to stagger her entire learning for the next 13 years, we decided to stay here until she is done with next school year.

Ted really enjoys his job.  He does well, they respect him, he has ample opportunities to develop numerous nursing skills, and he makes enough money that we are nice and comfortable.  There are people he graduated with that still don't even have jobs.  And Ted is a charge nurse (kind of the nurse on the whole floor - basically responsible for ALL the patients even though other nurses provide care for many of them as well) for goodness sake!

(More parentheses - sorry.  Ted would not toot his own horn.  He'd say "I'm only charge nurse... 80% of the time"  Whatever.  He's amazing.  Back to the "lease" rant.)

WOAH - I'm feeling some TMI - as in just too MUCH information, not too much (personal) information.  Not this time anyway.

So, we live in this little house.  With no dishwasher.  With gravel in the yard.  And grass that doesn't like to grow no matter how we coerce it.  With no room for a garden.  On a corner where the girls can't safely play outside.  With a partially unwilling swamp cooler.  And the UGLIEST carpet you have EVER seen in the bedrooms.  Really.  Ugly.  ... And a washer/dryer CLOSET off the dining area with doors that don't stay on the hinges.  ... OK, really, this house is FINE, but these things?  They kind of get to us.  And since we CAN move and we will be here for a while longer, we have decided... well, we decided to look for a new place to live.

If it was tough before when we were moving to town last year, it's crazy now.  The area we live isn't known for its nice rental properties.  That's for sure.  And you can say that again.

But we did find this one.

It is for sale but the owner is happy to rent.  We heard it was pretty nice.

It was also rumored to be 2500 square feet with HUGE living areas, 2 bathrooms (anything more than that, in my book, is another toilet to scrub, anything less is peed pants in the hall), a new dishwasher, tons of cabinet space, a GIANT utility room, built in storage all over the dang place, and luscious grass right off the gigantic covered back porch.

Oh.  Really?

Yeah, that's the back of the house.  I love it.

The only issue we really have with it is that it is just barely out of our ward boundaries.  Meaning, for those who don't speak LDS so well, we'd be going to church with a new bunch of people, at a different time (actually, the same time of last year since we swap times with that congregation every year,  but back to the old time, starting next month) and we would not have our same jobs at church.  I serve with the young women ages 12-18 as the secretary of the presidency and Ted teaches the 8 year olds.  We both enjoy our callings and mine is especially gut wrenching to leave.  It's take a long time (like, since June) to get into a good groove.  ... Changing wards is actually my only reservation.

But you can't deny a good thing like this.  This house would be perfect for our family.  It's spacious, plenty of room to play, we can plant whatever the heck we want...

The jury is still split a little.  We'd like to find something slightly closer to town.  This isn't far out of town at ALL - maybe would add 5 minutes onto everywhere I go, not bad at all.  But it has been nice backing up to our church building, being 3 minutes from the grocery store, 11 minutes from Gwenna's preschool, 8 minutes from her gymnastics class, 5 minutes from Ted's job (he rides his bike in good weather).

It's a trade off, I'm not going to lie.  But I feel like it's a trade off I am willing to make.

I will let you know.  We have to decide soon.  Because, the two 9-month leases we've got running?  They're both about the expire.


The Browns said...

Wow! Good luck! It sounds like a great house! I hope it works out for you.

Heather said...

Good luck Kelly, I am sure you will make the decision best for your family. I can imagine renting in a small town would be really difficult.