New Builds and New Location

Yes, we decided to move.  Yes, we are moving 9 days before my scheduled induction, 8 days before my due date.  And yes, that is 2 weeks from now (my due date).  We're insane.  But there was no way to do it sooner.  So it is what it is and we hope the house lease starts before the baby lease ends! - In other words, we are praying each day that this baby holds out until we move. 

I am now as far along as I was when I gave birth to Meredith.

That fact is chilling to the bone. 
Terrifying, really. 
I just want to bring my baby home to the new house. 
I just want my kitchen unpacked, the crib set up, and a comfy chair.  Anything else is icing on a delicious cake.

That being said, here is something to remove my mind from my worries.  Here are some fun things Ted has built for me lately.

First, a table centerpiece that I love.  Ted found an old, abused piece of wood behind our shed and dripped holes in it for tea lights.  It's so rustic and shiny and lovely.  It makes me happy.  Simple and pretty.

This next one I had been asking Ted to build for about 3 years.  Shortly after we got our toy box, our neighbors in Flagstaff got a toy shelf.  It showcased all the toys so well that rarely did things ever get lost at the bottom and forgotten.  I wanted one SO badly.  Well, Ted delivered and I got 2 - one for the girls' toys, one for baby boy's things.  They're both wonderful and I LOVE them!

Lastly but certainly not least is this beauty of a bench.  Also, another long sought after piece.  Ted built the bench and below you can see a picture of the upholstered cushion he ordered from his aunt in Missouri.  She has an upholstery business and sent it to us.  How sweet is that?!  I really love it.  I don't love that the cushion shifts really easily and my children need to "fix" it 5 times each night at dinner, but I'm working on a way to fix that.  It's so nice to have the bench at the table.  I sit at it nearly every night as I prep dinner because my 38 week pregnant body doesn't like to stand at the counter for long stretches of time.  It's wonderful.  I have an awesomely talented husband.

Notice on the bench there are cubbies.  Those are filled with fabric boxes that you can pull out from the front or back.  I store my table linens in them and the girls craft things.  They can pull t hem right out and already be at the table.  It's ingenious.  

I might be the luckiest girl in the world.  And now we get to move all these new goodies to the new house.  SO excited and SO hoping I don't pop before moving day.

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