2013 Theme

I noticed a growing trend a few years back to sort of stop making resolutions and start making changes and identifying themes.  I like this so much better than new year resolutions.  Mostly because they get broken easily - pie crust promises - but also because they're normally frivolous or unmeasurable. Not that this is always the case, but frequently.

So I decided a couple weeks ago to pick a theme word for the year and it came to me in an instant... and completely stymied me.  My theme for 2013 is "Return".

I didn't really get it at first but I also couldn't shake it.  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense for me and for my family.

Return to normal after baby boy is born (whatever our NEW normal is).
Return to healthy habits we've tried to put forth for ourselves and realize they are lifelong changes.
Return to simplicity - in our habits, activities, and lifestyle.
Return our great gratitude to our loving Father in Heaven.
Return home - from work, from school, from activities - and BE here.

Synonyms for Return are giving back, or a recurrence. 

I'm looking for more opportunities for our family to serve others this year so "giving back" is perfect.  Also, we're trying to be awesome in our regular family habits and routines (which, I feel, will be even more important after adding a new baby to the scene - give us some sense of regularity) such as daily preparedness routines, scripture study and family prayer, Family Home Evening, and a weekly routine. 

Gwenna has taken to loving lists - go figure! - and crossing off and/or checking off items on our list. The recurrence of this has given her a sense of accomplishment.  She loves returning to our list throughout the day and seeing all we have done.  I love that!

I know we will have a lot of upheaval this year - new baby, trips, probably moving mid-year - and I want to make sure that regardless of where 2013 takes our family, we always return to what we know is best and what we love best.  So - Return.  It makes sense for us.

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Marquette said...

I've never been too into making New Years Resolutions, but I found an idea that I've been doing now for 3 years that has been fun, more feasible, and I get more done. I make a list of 101 things I want to do that year. I put anything on it from getting my hair layered, to learning 10 new healthy recipes, to going on a walk/hike with Cameron at least once a month. I only ever get about 50% done, but that's better than I'd do with 1 big New Years Resolution anyway, so I'm happy.