What I did and didn't do

Yesterday I didn't:

- feel like sitting around - I wanted to get my list of  "stuff" done!
- get very far. I made it until about 10:30 before I lost my steam.
- realize at first that I might be sick.  So sad to chalk  up every ailment to pregnancy but I normally do.
- eat much after breakfast.  I made some yummy soup our friends made for us a couple weeks ago when we went to Winter Haven and I couldn't stomach it.
- get much of that "stuff" done.  So frustrating.
- stay awake all morning.  The girls let me rest on the couch for about an hour and then play with them from the couch for half an hour.  I haven't felt this funky in about 18 weeks (talking in pregnancy terms).
- make dinner.  Ted - and shockingly with the help of his mom - made dinner!  Twice baked fiesta potatoes.  So yummy.  They didn't LOOK yummy and because of that I expected Mer to turn up her nose but she ate it ALL.
- do much after the kids went to sleep.  But I did watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition which is a BAD idea when you're pregnant. Oh the Tears!

Today I have:

- felt mostly better.  Made pancakes for breakfast and everything.  I normally make pancakes twice a week but lately my mojo has been gone.
- cleaned the living room, bathroom, paid bills online, read with the girls, consistently fed myself, and survived much better than yesterday.
- realized it MUST have been some sort of stomach thing, having not been able to eat much and needing so much rest.  The holidays sort of did kick my butt.  I'm feeling better,  but not great.
- realized that Ted working 6 days in a row is too long.  We get burned out after 4 days and if he works 5 we're dragging.  6 nights in a row is too much but I'll be glad for the paycheck, I'm sure of it.
- thought about baby expenses. 
- thought about my sweet baby.
- watched Gwenna draw a picture of her baby brother, in which he has a GIANT head, striped pajamas, and a HUGE smile ... which is good, because it matched his giant head.
- been so happy Ted secretly purchased a handmade train for the girls for Christmas.  They love it SO much have played with it more than any other Christmas gift.

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