To-do/Done-did Lists

A friend said on Facebook that she was feeling unproductive.  Haven't we all been there?  One of my favoeite ways to get myself going is to make a to-do list.  But doesn't even that feel overwhelming sometimes?  The list seems so long and you already have no motivation.  Something I like to do in these instances is make a done-did list.

What a horrible title, right? A little too redneck for my liking.  That aside, it's a list of things you've already done.  You know, really important things like getting dressed, feeding the kids, bringing letters to the mailbox.  You may feel unproductive but I can guarantee you are doing SOMETHING and sometimes that small something makes you feel like you can get done with your whole list.  Awesome, right?

That being said, here are something I've done and something I intend to do.

I kept Gwenny home from preschool today because she and Mer are both sniffly and sneezy.  I don't want it to get to the point of feeling ill and spreading sickness so we took a day off.  I've slathered them with Vicks and doTERRA's OnGuard and we're drinking lots and doing ... not much.  I've even resigned myself not to clean.

My little "sickies".  Obviously SO miserable!
So how do I manage to feel at all productive in my pajamas?  Well I finally got my act together to do our big felt Christmas tree craft.  We designed the ornaments with lots of felt colors, fabric paint, glue, and ribbon. They turned out SO cute and the girls really enjoy them.

Making that (took about an hour and a half to two hours since we really went to town on the ornamanets) and taking care of my girls is all I have on my list, really.

But, I hope to get the pieces cut out for their Christmas pajamas - peasant style night gowns.  Much easier than the pattern I bought.  What a joke.  I don't follow patterns.  I hate them.

Here is the tutorial if you want to give it a go. Click on the picture.

I'm making Gwenna's 5T (should probably make it bigger) and Mer's 3T.  I hope to cut it out today and then sew them next week while Ted is off work.  I still have 1 project in front of these - finishing up baby boy's softie blanket.  I have to close the hole and quilt it.  Easy enough but I haven't had my sewing machine out in a while.

So that's the little bit I have done (along with dishes and making french toast for breakfast as per Gwenna's request - the french toast, not the dishes!) and what I hope to get done.  That's pretty substantial for taking the day off.  See?  I feel better already.

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Mary Anne said...

Completely inspiring! I could put some things on a done-did list I think. I love the kind of mom you are.