Seven Months of Bliss

I’ve felt so under-inspired to blog lately. I finally caught my kids’ blog up a bit because it’s really important to me for family journaling purposes. But I’ve been so BUSY living life/being pregnant (NOT the same thing!) that blogging is such a small spec on the radar. That’s rather a strange feeling to me because I love to blog and get all my thoughts out. I don’t know where that desire has gone.

That being said, I felt the sudden urge tonight, a certain itch that had to be scratched. Let me explain.

A long list of beautiful people have told Ted and me in the past 3 years to enjoy our time while putting in our dues because they will be the times we look back on fondly and miss desperately.  I believe that.  My girls are now 4 and 3 and basically going on 15.  I miss their tiny days daily.  But I have GOT to tell you, I am SO enjoying RIGHT now.

I took some time – FINALLY! – to get my pictures off my iPhone tonight (hence all the pictures from May until December!) and get them on the computer.  I wanted them all ready for when I want to use them, should I need them so I reoriented them, got rid of the duds and the like.  And in going through those pictures I nearly wanted to cry.

The 8 months since Ted has graduated (well, 7 but this is the 8th month he’s out of school) have been so beautiful. We’ve lead a blessed life our entire marriage, that I cannot deny, strewn with happiness and such extremely rare sadness or frustration.  These last 7 months, however, having Ted back in our lives full time, have been rich.  I knew I missed him, especially that last semester, but I had no idea how much we were lacking.  Add to that the depth of joy we feel in watching our children grow, and the last half of this year has been a phase of life I will look back on as a highlight of all my years up until now.

It shocks me to imagine adding to this mix.  We so thoroughly enjoy our family of 4 and the sweetness that oozes from the eyes and hearts and PORES of our little munchkin daughters.  Adding to the mix a little boy astounds me and inspires me that the best of our times, while partially spent, are not gone. 

I thank the Lord for the time we have had this second half of the year to enrich our family relationships, both in our immediate and extended family.  We have a really great large family with Ted's family and mine.

While the first 5 months of the year draaaaaaaaaaagged oooooooooooon liiiikkkke thiiiiiis seeeeeeeeeentance, the second half has flown by.  Is this what the rest of our lives are going to be like?  From here on out will by children age in double? - Gwenna will be 6 next year rather than 5 and Mer 5 rather than 4.  Time is flying at warp speed.  Afterall, I've been pregnant since Ted graduated and it still has flown by at warp speed - gestating in an unusual and sometimes painful manner with a gender foreign to my womb.  But time has still go by at an unusual pace.  Makes me think it may never slow down.

I'm certain that's not true.  In another 8 weeks (that's optimism!) we will have a bundle of sweet, sweet powdered joy to remind us that the days can be long and the nights longer.  I better make sure, though, to document it as well as I have the last 7 months or better.  While I assume time will slow a bit, in all honesty it likely will not.  Time is no man's slave and we are all slave to her.  What would I do without my pictures and blog posts and journal entries to remind me of each shining moment?  I guess I better find that bloggy spark again.

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