I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed.

It's kind of not hard some of the time because most of the time I'm under-whelmed and a little apathetic.  And to be honest, it's kind of nice.

Being this pregnant (almost 33 weeks - woo hoo!) at Christmastime has allowed me to simplify, even encouraged it.  So it's not that I'm not excited about the season or actually apathetic, I'm just feeling the need to do less.  That's kind of nice this time of year when the season can be dizzying.

But the past couple nights have put me in a more readied state of alert.  I'm not talking as though I'm contracting or my water broke or anything like that.  I think some weird form of nesting has kicked in.  I'm planning things I didn't expect to plan. 

Thanks to a friend's post on Facebook, I now have a 3-month Family Home Evening schedule set up for 2013.  I've completed all my Young Women documents for church (I'm the secretary) including a teaching schedule for the new 2013 curriculum through May.  All my Christmas shopping and wrapping is done (I normally have 1 or 2 things left at this point and no wrapping transpires until Christmas Eve). Ted's birthday present is wrapped.  I'm starting a meal rotation list to simplify meal planning and streamline cooking after the baby arrives.  All these weird organizational tasks that will likely give me a false sense of security that things are going to run smoothly, come baby #3.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing, I'm sure.  Maybe since I'm so under-whelmed this holiday season (not grinchy - just not fanatical), I can channel that energy into preparations.  Strange preparations.  Preparations list makers only dream about, I suppose.  I guess it's just time to sit back and make a list of all the lists I need to make.

Wouldn't be the first time.

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