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I was brought to my OB's office when a  friend recommended a doctor in Tucson as I was in the market for a good OB/GYN.  But the doctor she referred me to left the practice we was with after my first visit and so I followed him to his current office.  I really liked Dr. H, my new doctor, and he helped us get pregnant this time.  Go Dr. H! - right?

After I got pregnant and continued to see Dr. H, I was told about a policy in the office that all pregnant women had to see all 4 doctors before they could choose the doctor they wanted to see regularly.  At first it annoyed me.  Why should I have to see the other doctors?  Didn't they know I live somewhere I can't deliver so I'd eventually, in all likelihood, end up being induced by Dr. H at the hospital an hour and a half away from my home, preferably on a Thursday?  I was induced with my first two.  On Thursdays.

But I did it.  The first doctor was one of the "founding" doctors in the practice.  She and her husband started it.  Their last name, which I'd rather they not Google and find my blog, has 2 Ms in in.  So, Dr. She M&M was the first I saw.  I didn't like her, not from the first minute she walked in.  She was dressed very unprofessionally with a slit in her dress that was dangerous when she stood, outrageous when she sat.  She rubbed me the wrong way from the get go.  My next appointment I was scheduled to see another doctor.  Somehow, I ended up with She M&M.  Again.  Ugh.  It happened TWICE before I bounced back unexpectedly to my doctor, Dr. H.  Then I saw Dr. P and liked her a lot.  So much so that I thought I could be as happy with her as with Dr. H.  I had scheduled with Dr. Male M&M and got bumped to other doctors twice. ... Long fiasco short, I just barely, at 31 weeks, finally saw the last doctor in the practice.  What a process to gain free agency.

Wow, and what a trip. 

While I wasn't fond of his wife, Dr. Male M&M rocked our pregnancy appointment world.  Ted and I both like him a lot.  He was thoughtful, thorough, insightful, genuine, encouraging, and sliiightly rough in his language... which humanized him.  Kind of reminded me of my dad.

Dr. Male M&M bounded in the room shaking his head and asking if I was, indeed, 30 weeks-1 day pregnant.  I said yes, as my doctor's office has always claimed my due date is 1 week later than I know it is (um, I was there when it happened, enough said.) and being that Gwenna and Mer's due dates bounced around a lot (almost always being pushed back) I have learned not to argue.  What's a week, anyway?  Nothing until I'm about 39 weeks. Ha.

But for some reason this doctor didn't like my due date and wanted to research the matter. Deeply.  In the end (we're talking a good 15 minutes of computer work, consultation, insistence that I didn't care but was happy to oblige), he exclaimed that I am the most "on the fence" estimated due date he's ever seen.  I think it was a compliment.  Not positive.  He said they'd go ahead and keep February 17 and I should keep February 10.  That way, when I am most likely induced, I'll either be right at my due date or one week late, though he'd like to shoot for 1 week early, which would put us at inducing February 10 on the money.

It made me laugh because I'm 31 weeks pregnant.  I've never had a doctor talk about induction at 31 weeks!  Blasphemy!  I've talked about it at 38 weeks with my first (and then subsequently was induced 3 weeks later) and starting talking about it at 35 weeks with my second (and then subsequently was induced 3 weeks later).

It also gave me pause to think about actually making it that far.  I was monitored every couple days with Mer and we literally took it appointment to appointment because she was estimated to be so little.  Spontaneous labor has never even been on my radar.  It's just not something I've done.  I induce well though and I am not adverse to the third round.

Except that I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm not going to make it that far. 

Nothing - NOTHING - has been the same this time around.  I haven't had my due date pushed back (well, you know, except for the discrepancy I've had with my doctors' office since 6 weeks in), no one has chided me about not gaining weight, this baby hasn't measured small, I'm not barely showing as with the past 2... and I've just had this sneaking feeling that I'm not going to make it to my due date.

As I lay on the table having my belly measured today Dr. Male M&M said, "Yeah, not much room for him to move up higher, is there?"  This baby is pushing up earlier than my girls and yet he still is sitting lower.  He takes up basically all of my torso and can kick me in the ribs and nether-regions almost simultaneously.  I'm sort of terrified to see how big he ends up being.  They'll give me a good estimate as I get closer (I know the drill!) when I have an ultrasound to check everything for induction, but he can't be as small as my girls.  Or maybe he is.  Who knows.  It just all feels so different.

I went into my doctor's appointment today thinking I was 31 weeks pregnant and came out feeling like I was 36.  Because, you see, if I want to induce on February 10, Dr. Male M&M will do that for me! - and if I choose the 11th, Dr. H is on call that day and he'll take care of it for me.  Where did that conversation even COME from?  Isn't it usually the overly pregnant woman who brings up induction at about 37 weeks when her cankles are purple and her wedding rings were cut off several weeks before?  It caught me off guard especially since they won't induce until at least 39 weeks.  Don't I have a LONG time until I'm there?

Anyway, I guess I have some planning to do?  And let's just pray I don't go into labor spontaneously.  I know a lot of people are huge advocates of that and I am ALL for it for them but I know me and I know my body and induction and I have been good friends up until now.  Every nurse that I've worked with through past pregnancies is shocked at how well I ease from 2 cm to holding a baby in my arms because of induction.  Spontaneous labor, despite this being the third time around, still freaks me out!

So February 10 or 11.  Sounds great.  Pencil me in to push him out.

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Niki said...

Try for the 11th, the 10th is Andrew's sister's birthday and we all know how that turned out!