Bottom of the bag

I wanted to blog so badly last night but it was just NOT happening.  As of late, I've taken to doing my computer "work" (bills, Young Women's tasks, meal planning, blogging, etc.) in the evening, after I put the girls to bed.  The computer room is right next to their room and they're more inclined to go to sleep if they know I can hear them.  But they went RIGHT to sleep and I had 100 things to do.  So I did about 85 of those things and went to BED!

One of those many things was putting on a pot of beans.  I make vegetarian pinto beans like no one's business.  I'm figuring out how much veggie stock or broth (VERY different flavors!) to put in with how much water, beans, and onion.  That's just my personal preference for beans, the ingredients I feel yield some of the best results.  The finished product, as of late, has been great.

As I was picking through my beans, I noticed there were a TON of rocks and funkiness.  You know, a ton compared to how much there has been in the scoops of the past 5 times or so.  I am getting to the bottom of my big 15 lb or so bag of beans.  It seems that, over time, as the bag sits on one end, all the rocks and undesirables shift down to the bottom and live there until you get to discarding them.  Though I'd had increasing amounts of yuckiness, this was, by far, the most I'd had in some time.

I promise, I'm going somewhere with this.

After I meticulously picked out the funk and tossed it aside, I cleaned my beans, poured them into my slow cooker, added all the other ingredients, and set the cooker. 

This morning, when Ted got home from work, he had a burrito.  He doesn't always function under the auspices of normal foods at normal times, being that he works while most of us sleep.  He said the beans were great though, and I was pleased.

I thought back to all the rocks, shrively funky beans, sticks, and dirt that I cleaned out of that batch of beans.  So much grossness for one batch of beans.  I thought about the previous batches I'd made and how little debris there bad been in those scoops of beans.  Yet, they all turned out relatively the same.

It occurred to me, I am SO that bag of beans! 

Sometimes I am a pretty low maintenance bean batch and sometimes I am a dirty bag of crazy.  But in the end, it all evens out and turns out all right.  You're that bag too; we all are that bag. 

It made me feel better to think that sometimes the best I have to offer in a day is some shrively beans, pebbles, and dirt.  But also, there are some good beans in there.  I'm not all dirt and rocks, even on my worst days.  And when I feel more dirt and rock than bean, I am wholly confident that IF I rely on the Lord, he can pick out that funk, rinse off the filth, and make what goes into the pot acceptable.  But imagine if I just threw it in there without his help.  How vile, how unpalatable, and how frustrating would that pot be? 

I'm not great at this and as of late I feel like I'm metaphorically botching a few too many pots of beans, but I'm working on enlisting the help of the Master Chef more and more.  Because life is not made of only beans from the top of the bag, life is  full bag of beans, rocks, sticks, and all manner of offense.  And because, as good as I feel my recipe may be, his is always better.  But even some of the worst starts can turn out grand.  And that's what I learned from a bag of beans.


Kay said...

"...and sometimes I am a dirty bag of crazy."

Me too Kelly. Me too. :) We are true friends.

Love your posts!

Kay said...

"...and sometimes I am a dirty bag of crazy."

Me too Kelly. Me too. We are true friends. :)

Love your posts!