Why we're bound and determined to...

Ted asked me today if I'd like to go to the park with the girls and him. Normally I'd be all about that but I could not agree to go. This pregnancy, out of the beautiful mountain air of Flagstaff, has not been kind on my internal thermostat. I have been dang hot this time around - like, perpetually. And I HATE it. I'm jonsin' for Flag real bad. I miss the cool mountain air and spontaneous storms.

And I hate that I am missing out on things because I run out of steam really fast in the heat or don't want to venture out because of the temperature. Both times we've gone peach picking this summer I've fizzled out towards the end to the point of exhaustion and near passing out. Sounds loco I know but I just can't deal, no matter how much cold water I chug.

But this isn't (intended to be) a diatribe on my pregnant body's dislike for Arizona heat. Because it's better where where we live than it is in Phoenix (10-15 degrees cooler at all times, MUCH cooler at night). But, you see, it's also that much WARMER here than where we want to move.

We think we figured out where we'd like to settle down. The place we'd like to call "home", dig our heels in, and not fantasize about moving away from in 1-2 years.

We choose Spokane, Washington. See the map below if you're sketchy on the region.

It's practically Idaho but it's still Washington.

I think people wonder at us regularly, shake their heads in disbelief. Why would we want to leave the place nearly our entire family lives? Most of our family lives in the Phoenix area and although we've avoided living there like the plague, we've never lived more then 3 hours away. And if we can live here, where we live now, can't we put up with living anywhere? (Really, that part is true. If we can deal with it here, anywhere should seem easy.)

I've loved this (being close-ish to family) and it has been intentional. We love our families, relish in grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins being a short drive away. But we do like being that far away. We've always been our own entity and have enjoyed being able to visit for short amounts of time, regularly. Especially as of late we have enjoyed visiting our families. Our kids are older and appreciate and love cousins and other family members. Gwenny regularly tells my brother Robert, "I just love you too much!" She hates to say good bye to him. It's mutual.

While we lived in Safford, my parents came to visit us 3 times over 2 years. We went to see them a lot more but I imagine if we move to WA, we'll see them about that amount of time total. And that's OK with us. We love them a lot but there is Facebook, Skype, and all other manner of technology to K.I.T.

One of our major drives for moving is that we just plain don't like it here. I grew up until I was nearly 15 in Illinois, Ted in Arkansas. We bleed green and our blood is glow in the dark from all the fire flies we caught when we were young. I miss things that grow spontaneously, four seasons, nature preserve walks, and the smell of fresh cut grass. My heart, eyes, sinuses, and ears desperately long for the days when I could walk outside and not be allergic to everything. I am allergic to April - October in Arizona. Like, everything surrounding me for that entire span. How is this possible when, essentially, NOTHING grows where we live? Am I having a reaction to tumbleweed? Am I allergic to cacti, rocks, and dust??

Our goal is to get settled somewhere before Gwenna stats kindergarten - August 2013. We hope to move no later than June of next year.

We haven't actually been to Washington - neither of us has ever set foot in the state. The closest I've ever gotten is central Utah. I think Ted has been to Idaho? We plan to visit the area after baby #3 rocks our world and things hopefully begin to settle down, a nice trip for the three of us - around April of next year.

This might be an unrealistic on unattainable goal - moving off to Washington state next year. But we're planning for it anyway. Anytime I want to buy something, I have to weigh it against my desire to move to WA. "Is this money better spent on whatever-I-want or would I rather move to Washington?" WA wins, regularly, and boy are we well on our way to having enough money to move.

Granted, that's with no surprise car trouble, a baby that hasn't been born yet, and no unforeseen money tragedies that always seem to pop up in life.

But we're working at it, really hard.

Last year it was Indiana. We really wanted to move to Indiana but it was totally unrealistic with Ted having just graduated. We couldn't swing it financially and we could NOT turn down a guaranteed job right out of nursing school. Now Indiana doesn't feel right. So we're still in AZ and that's OK for right now. I'm not sad about that at all.

But I'm really looking forward to the possibility that this time next year we'll be enjoying highs each day in the low 80s rather than mid 90s, picking the blackberries that grow like weeds, and loving life in the Pacific Northwest. We're sort of bound and determined to kiss this state goodbye. But that doesn't mean we won't end up in Tucson or Payson or still be right where we are now, for some reason. It just means we'd like to get away. It doesn't always happen how we want it to, and we're planning to love life where ever we are at the time. Hopefully, by then, it's Washington.


Amy said...

I've visited Spokane before and it seems like a really nice place.

Wes and I have enjoyed being our own family entity. With technology these days it is so easy to keep in touch! In fact, Wes applied for a job that would be about 5 hours from Phoenix and that really sounds pretty awesome. We could actually drive to visit family that way!

Good luck with all your savings/venturings/plannings!

Heather said...

I could have written this post! Some of it... We too desire to live elsewhere but training and family has also kept us here. We grew up here and now that we have kids we want something better, somewhere greener, cooler! I hope you get up there and let me know how it is!

Good job with saving too. I sincerely hope nothing comes along to delay your goals.