Too tired to name this post.

Last night we stayed up WAY too late with our good friends who are moving. I don't regret it at all but this fact - that it left me sleep deprived and cranky - almost lead me to not post anything at all regarding the gender of Crowder baby number three.

That would be cruel though, wouldn't it?

I think it would.

We did indeed have our big fancy ultrasound today.  We did INDEED find out the gender of our new sweet baby.

We are, as thoroughly suspected, having a BOY!

A boy! A boy! A boy!

A boy?!

What do you even DO with a a boy?  This is totally uncharted territory.  And we're super excited!

One fun part about our ultrasound is that my mom and my godmother (my "Aunt" Debbie - or as Mer says "Aunt Deddie") got to be there.  Ted and I had been the sole participants in every previous ultrasound I've had.  This was sort of a little party.  An AWESOME party.

A boy.  Wow, saying it and typing it is strange.  We're all really excited, except for Meredith who decided this last week she wanted a little sister.  Even then, she still wavers back and forth between excitement and disappointment.

More details later.  For now, I'm going to rest.  A lot.  My doctor gave me the flu(shot) today and - holy moly - not fun!  I've never had a reaction before but this time, just like everything else in this pregnancy, is the opposite.  Go figure.

Really?  A boy?  ... Yes. A boy.  :)


Heather said...

Love my boys! Congratulations sweet lady, you will love it.

Amy said...

Congratulations! A boy!