To each their own

I had a friend or two, throughout both my previous pregnancies, who would regularly express her disdain for me.  I didn't have morning sickness, I didn't gain much weight, I never had cankles or swollen anything, and I had relatively smooth and easy deliveries.  I was just the epitome of everything that pregnancy should not be!

Never mind that no matter what I put into my body I could NOT gain weight.  And did she have piercing ear pain that woke her crying in the night? (Sinus difficulties are tied to pregnancy, in case you didn't know.)  And low blood pressure makes it impossible to stand up or stand longer than 10 minutes without getting dizzy, seeing spots, and feeling like I'll pass out (well into my second trimester).  I always assumed that pressure on her sciatic nerve never caused her legs to go out unexpectedly, causing her to bang into every piece of furniture in her house and making her hesitant to leave the house without another person.  I'm certain she didn't have low birth weight babies or terrible stents of inexplicable infertility. ... Though one can never be sure, of course.

My point is: NO ONE has it easy.  We may find that someone else's trials seems more manageable than ours but that's the point.  They are not ours.  We get what we're given and should be glad to not have someone else's set of challenges for fear we wouldn't be adept to handle them. 

I just has to get that off my chest.  Just because I'm not puking doesn't mean pregnancy is a walk in the park for me.  Get some perspective, people! I know this pregnancy has given me that very thing.  I do have it good but no one has it perfect.  At least, I don't think so.  Maybe we each do and that's where the perspective comes in.

Just about the only thing that is the same during this pregnancy as my last two is that I still haven't gained much weight.  I'll be interested to get on my doctor's scale on Monday.  He likely won't be worried.  I didn't start out underweight and I haven't been sick to the point of throwing up or not being able to eat. 

But can I tell you, just once, how badly I want a chubby baby?  Ted and I laugh about this because we were not small as children.  We were the chubby kids!  But our genetics provide for these tiny babies, nonetheless precious or wonderful, that make no sense.  Our children where both able to leave the hospital in preemie outfits for goodness sake!

So I'll be interested, in three days, to see what my doctor thinks.  I haven't seen him in a while as office policy insists I see all other providers in the practice before returning to my choice of doctor.  Even though I haven't, our distance and small scheduling window lead me back to his availability and no one else's.  Hooray - for the first time ever! - for being over an hour away from my doctor!

Also this Monday (as some have pointed out in relation to the ticker that is my reminder at the bottom of this page) is our BIG BIG BIG ultrasound!  My doctor's office policy  insists we wait every day of 20 weeks - which I will be the day before our ultrasound!

Earlier this week we were at a mall.  Meredith had NO IDEA what this large place was and why it had a playground but she loved it.  How strange is it that my kids, at least our youngest, don't know what a mall is?!  I guess when the last time we lived near one was when she was 8 months old, her memory might not extend back that far.  When she was around 18 months we went to Arizona Mills and a mall in Tucson but, still, too long ago.  We tend to avoid malls.

That was a HUGE tangent but it made me laugh to see her react so funny to going to a mall.  My point is, our ultrasound is in 3 days, thanks goodness!  When we were at the mall earlier this week even Gwenna said, "Shouldn't we buy some things for the baby?"  We have purchased nothing. Not a solitary gender-nautral thing.  And we have several purchases/acquisitions to make since we've liquidated or worn out many of our baby products.

So is it just me or do we SERIOUSLY need to find out?!  It's almost painful.  I could be MAKING things!  The girls want to help me make a baby blanket.  They'll probably only get to assist selecting the fabric and maybe push the pedal on the sewing machine, but we'd like to be doing SOMETHING.  "Something" is so much better than nothing.

Plus, don't even get me started on baby names.  We have no desire to really discuss the topic until we know what gender to assign a name to.  We've been through it enough to know there is too much wasted energy that goes into picking out two or more perfectly good names only to discard one forever. And yet if one more relative or friend asks us if we've picked out a name, I might just ooze a disgusting lie and say "Bella for a girl and Edward for a boy.  We're diehard "Twilight" fans!"  ... Though, it might backfire, if they actually are.

Can't wait to find out!! This day has crept up on us soooo sloooowly but we're finally almost there.  If this baby is "shy" or maybe asleep, I might DIE.  Someone warn him! ... or her.


Kay said...

It's a him! :) You need a little guy around that house!

Kay said...

It's a him! You need a little guy around that house! :)

Sarah said...

Weird. Even though I am not pregnant, I have been thinking about people's individual trials for a few eeks now. One persons struggles are not struggles for others, we each really do have our own!