Another Weekly Menu

I feel like all my posts lately fall into one of two categories: Pregnancy or Food. Well, I guess that about sums up my life!

OK, just kidding. Mostly. :)

Several people have expressed interest in our new eating habits and are curious what we eat. Curiosity comes in varying degrees from "How the HECK can you eat like that?!" to "Wow, that's pretty cool. We could use more meat-free meals in our family." Then there are those who don't go on Pinterest anymore because our Plant Rich Whole Grain meal pins are slowly taking over their entire feeds... Haha ;)

If I had to sum up, in one word, our new food regimen, it would be COLORFUL! Our plates are bursting with color.

Here are pictures of several of the dishes we will eat for dinner this week, photos taken from recipe websites and NOT taken by me.


I'm still in the "trying it out" phase.  We've repeated a recipe or two but I'm still figuring out what we like best.  This week I'll be repeating one recipe that we're had before.  Otherwise, it's all new except for our snacks, baked goods and breakfasts, all of which are repeats. 

Mostly we cook Vegan for dinner to allow us all (Ted included, I mean) to eat the same thing.  But not always and when a meal isn't vegan, it's easily adaptable, in most cases. Here's what this week looks like.

Monday: Falafel over Crispy Oriental Salad (Vegan)
I've made a similar salad for a while so that's not new, it just doesn't have the chicken in it that it used to have.
Tuesday: Spinach and Artichoke Pie (Vegan)
Wednesday: Chickpea Noodle Soup with French Bread (Vegan)
If I'm lucky I can get Ted to make homemade whole wheat French Bread.  Otherwise, it's Safeway bakery.
Thursday: Fiesta Baked Potatoes
Can't get more basic than a baked potato.  These just happen to have beans and salsa on top.
Friday: Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas (I'll make half the pan without cheese, half with light cheese)
I've made a similar recipe for a long time and we love this.
Saturday: Tofu Scramble, Whole Wheat Biscuits, and Fruit (Vegan)
Think of a tofu scramble as sauteed veggies (zucchini, spinach, potatoes, onion or whatever else is on hand) with scrambled eggs only instead of eggs, we use extra firm tofu.  Fat free, packed with protein.
Sunday: Taco Pizza (I'll make half of it without cheese)
Not really new to us.  My mom made this growing up.  I will omit the meat and sub in tons of beans, use a whole wheat crust recipe (Pioneer Woman's but with half white, half whole wheat), and no sour cream and less cheese.

Pretty simple.  The Spinach & Artchoke Pie and the Black Bean Spinach Burriots are a little more labor intensive but that's normal for us to have one or two more "involved" meals a week.  Makes for great leftovers!  Otherwise there is little prep and not much cook time on anything. 

Two themes you might notice are black beans and spinach.  We love these things!  Consider them our chicken and beef - they make several appearances a week in varying forms.

Last week we had Lynn's "Meat" Loaf for the second time in as many weeks (along with baked butternut squash and apples).  We love it!  It's main ingredients are lentils, oats, and sauteed veggies.  Ted's cousin's daughter was at our house (she's 13) and after I told her what we were having for dinner and I knew she wasn't going to be interested, I offered to make her some spaghetti.  She agreed to that and asked what our kids were eating.  I replied, "Lentil loaf, squash, and apples.  The same as the rest of our family."  Mer doesn't eat salsa or large chunks of onion and always wants more cheese.  Other than that, I don't anticipate any reservations in this week's plan.

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Amy said...

Ha ha. It never fails. Whenever you post your menus for the week we manage to have at least one meal in common. This week I also planned for spinach enchiladas. As for working on more meatless meals, this week we will also have a garden vegetable soup most likely with some kind of bread, and a bean and rice casserole with beans, rice, and veggies in it. We'll have to try the chick pea noodle soup since we are fans on hummus (which uses chick peas).