Universal Lesson

I've been thinking recently about the never ending list of lessons my children have taught me. It started early and is a long, running list added to daily.  Especially if I take time to think about it.  Some days run one into the other and I don't take time to think about what my children are (mostly) inadvertently teaching me.

But sometimes I think about it.

These lessons I learn being a mom are equally applicable to humanity at large, meaning, things I learn in conjunction with motherhood are mostly about people - not just kids.

Let me give an example.

When you're overwhelmed and frustrated, try taking a nap when you're able. It helps in interacting with your kids.

Let's try again.

When you're overwhelmed and frustrated, try taking a nap when you're able. It helps in interacting with people.

I seriously believe that advice, too.  I often find that, if I'm able, a quick nap will help restart my system like few other things.  A quick prayer helps as well, but a nap has an especially rejuvenating effect.

Here are a few of the lessons I've learned from my kids that I've been thinking about lately.  Like I said, they're applicable to people on the whole, but I've learned them from being a mom.  I've got a great gig here.

No two kids are alike.  Your usual approach likely will not apply to two children - especially if they are siblings, raised in mostly the same manner, and seemingly from the exact same family. 

Pausing to remind yourself that you child is a child of GOD will help you remember how much you love them just about faster than any other reminder.

Kids don't mean to spill things on the floor (... table, couch, in the car) and no amount of disapproval is going to help the situation.  And on that note, kids don't normally mean to do things badly or incorrectly.  Do you?

Getting something done quickly isn't always the best way to get things done with kids.  It's often better to involve them (teach them!), even though the amount of time it takes to complete your task just doubled or tripled.

The more you love kids, the more love you get back. The more time you invest in your children, the greater the return.  The more you listen to your kids, the more they listen to you.

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