Less Apathetic

I've been relatively apathetic about life since we moved from Safford.

You see, I got pregnant about a week before we moved.  I was pretty gung-ho about unpacking and got most of it done in about a week.  What didn't get unpacked got put into a closet the second week.

See, three weeks into pregnancy, I'd unpacked everything in my house that was going to get unpacked.  I've hung some pictures and shelves but most of that stuff was put away.  I just didn't want to be bothered putting up a lot of stuff on the walls.

But anyone who knew our walls in Safford would know that this is not me.  With the exception of our very large living room walls, every room was pretty well slathered with decor.

I just can't be bothered to get around to it though.  Laundry alone casts evil shivers up and down my spine.

Then there's the floors.  I'm a pretty excellent vacuumer.  I user to vacuum my living room easily 4 to 5 times a week - and not because my kids made a mess (though sometimes they do), but because I liked it clean.  When we lived in Flagstaff and had tile on the lower level of our  home I swept at least every other day and mopped about 2-3 times a week (depending on the the season - thank you winter!)

Then?  Then we moved here.  We have all tile in the living area; carpet in the bedrooms.  I sweep at least once a week. - sometimes twice!  I mop upwards of every other week and it's so sad to see how apathetic I have become.

But today, Ted and my mother-in-law took the kids out for a while.  To the bank, to the post office, to the library... I had a good hour and a half to MYSELF!  And suddenly I didn't feel so apathetic.  I didn't feel capable - let's not get ahead of ourselves - but I did want to do things. Isn't that more than half the battle?  So I did, I did things.  I cleaned the kitchen - even the stove! And, for the first time since right after we moved, I gave our bathroom a deep clean - the mirror, behind the toilet, declutter, shook out the rug.  It was like being human again!

After Ted got home he suggested we go out on a lunch date and then get the rest of our errands done.  When we were in the car, I asked Ted to put up a small shelf over the towel bar in our bathroom and explained why I needed it.  It occurred to me that I actually wanted to HANG something again, when I'd written off all decorating and reorganizing weeks and weeks ago. 

So glad I'm starting to feel a little bit more like me.  Maybe next week - entering into my second trimester - will be significant after all.  I was beginning to think it was going to be more of this, more of being sick, more of having no energy, more of parenting from the couch and eating boxed food.  Can't make any promises on the food, but I'm swearing off my couch parenting as much as I can.


Beth said...

Sounds like a very typical first trimester! I'm sorry it's been rough but I know exactly how you're feeling and hopefully it won't last. It usually doesn't! And if it does, then it'll last about 9 months and be all down hill from there! We can't wait to see you guys on Wednesday!

Mary Anne said...

:) You make me smile Kelly! I just love reading your posts. I am right there with you...on your floors, behind your is quite interesting really. You're just that good. Glad you're feeling a bit or yourself come back to life. I hope it is a sign of a good second trimester!