Childhood teasing

Last night at the dinner table my oldest asked me to tell her a story.  I reverted to classics from my youth - when I was hear age and younger.  About the time I got locked in a lobby because I had greasy hands (from salami!) and my sister stood outside and laughed at me... about the time my sister told me hot dogs grew on the bushes in our back yard and they would soon bloom and if I waited I could see it.

... When I realized, many of my youngest stories were about mean tricks my sister played on me.  And not the normal kind that, say, Ted's siblings played on him.  But crafty, divisive kinds that took smarts. 

Whenever my whole family gets together my younger siblings always talk about how mean I was to them - making up stories and making them do crazy things.  And it was at this moment, last night, that I realized why.  It was "kick the dog syndrome."  You know, Dad has a bad day at work so he barks at Mom when he gets home.  Mom is upset by that so she yells at her son.  Brother is angry so he takes it out on little sister.  Sister has no one to retaliate towards so she kicks the dog. 

My teasing my siblings was just a way to retaliate against the tricks my older sister played on me.

See?  There's always an answer.  Obviously it wasn't my fault.

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