Along came Three

I'm one of those women who doesn't like to make very many sacrifices.  I do when I have to - like all through Ted's return to schooling, I think I bought myself about 6 things.  In three years.  Ridiculous. It's just that most of the time, I like to keep things the way they are, maintain the status quo. 

When I was contemplating getting pregnant again (um, a year and half ago) I made some stipulations with Ted.  I needed some help.  Possibly hired help.  It's awfully hard to get motivated when you're pregnant, especially in the first trimester.

What did I want help with?  I thought about that.  Did I need the occasional house cleaning help? Maybe "alone" time just to be able to do things in my house... so, babysitting?  But know what I struggle with the most?  Cooking.  It's SO SAD becuase, normally, I LOVE to cook.  But when I'm pregnant, it takes an act of God, nearly, to entice me to cook.  I probably cook 4 dinners a week while breakfast and lunches comes from boxes (think: cereal, mac & cheese, lunch-ables).

The thing I wanted most was the ability to eat out ocasionally - to splurge every so often.  I wanted to be able to get Subway or pizza that I didn't make from scratch or heat my house to cook.

And, mostly, I got it.  We probably get dinner out once every other week - which is a huge improvement on our once every third month or so before I was pregnant.  And the rest of the time, Ted helps out.  Once, my mother-in-law even helped with dinner.  She doesn't really cook (apparently) so that was nice. 

Am I the only one who was thinking this way?  Am I just super selfish to think that I needed some sort of accommodation to get me through this?  Who else has felt this way and what did you wish for?

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Amy said...

When I am tired and starving I have a tendency to want to eat out as well. So, when I was pregnant with #2, and not feeling gross, I would want to eat out. It happens now too, like when Wes is out of town. We kind of plan for me to eat out a couple of times when he is gone, like he was for a week this past week. It's a little something to look forward to. And, by the way, I did end up being able to go out and get some ice cream after Wes got home. Mmmm...bluebell...