16 weeks - 22 to go

Does my math seem a little off? I figure, since I was induced with #2 at 38 weeks, it would be safe to count down to 38 rather than 40. Haha - I know, wishful thinking. Oh well, a girl can be wishful.

Mer assisted me in taking a 16 week belly shot - my first belly shot (kind of) of this pregnancy.  I say "kind of" because I took 3 or 4 cell phone pictures right after I found out I was pregnant when my abdomen was so swollen I couldn't believe it.  It deflated - thank goodness - and then grew. 

This was taken post church, post de-cute-ifying, post nap (Mer, not me), post dinner, post Ted leaving for work tonight... Let's just say there are a myriad of reasons my face is NOT in this picture but in all honesty the greatest of all is because I couldn't successfully get Mer and my head in the same shot.

It's a good thing I took it when I did, too, because moments after taking this picture, Meredith broke my 16 gig  memory card.  Wow.  Deep breaths. I need to go re-read my previous post right now and remind myself that she didn't mean to or want to break my very large capacity and expensive memory card.

Anyway!  Here's to 16 weeks.

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Mary Anne said...

Ha ha. Love the picture. And what you said about her breaking the memory card. On your last post (which I found totally inspiring) I couldn't help but think of those times that Canon looks at me with those curious little eyes as he dumps his milk all over the place. But really, he's just curious, not bad. Thanks for the reminder. Trying to be a little more patient around here. You look great...even if I can't see your beautiful face!