The Skinny

I enjoy the irony of "The Skinny" as a title for a post about pregnancy details.

We're back from California.  And - yee-haw, friends - it was a great trip.  Good friends, accommodations, food, and weather.  It really was quite timely and thoroughly enjoyed by our family.  Oh, and the reunion was good too. :)  No, really, it was, but how do you compare to San Diego AKA the most perfect place in the world?  We really like the climate and region of southern California.  Probably because, well, we're human.

Miracle of miracles, I was NOT sick while we were in CA.  I was a little sick in the car on the way to our reunion and then felt great until this morning.  It was a cruel welcome back to the real world and one I have not enjoyed. 

I wanted to document a little about this pregnancy for reference sake. But you can read about it, too.

We conceived on our first round of Clomid.  I got an IUD in May 2010 and my body stopped ovulating.  It decided it was good to go again after one round of Clomid.  The only thing Clomid does is tell your body to ovulate through a mock estrogen.  And my body listened.  It's incredibly obedient.

We found out on June 15 that I was pregnant but I could have easily just waited ONE day and have found out, at 5 weeks, that I was pregnant just by how sick I got.  Both my girls were easy pregnancies in which I was never really ill, just had some food aversions, and didn't show until after 16 weeks or so.  Here is a picture of me about 19 weeks pregnant with Gwenna.

Now below is a picture of me, 9.5 weeks pregnant with baby #3.  Not quite as even but too similar for my liking.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was really excited.  We'd been trying for 15 months and that was insane for us after Gwenna wasn't that much effort and Mer was, well, the best surprise of our lives.  So, I was thrilled.  But as symptoms started coming on fast and hormones went CRAZY, I was not at peace with this.  I felt like I had been thrown into the pregnancy deep end.  I wanted to be pregnant but this was not the pregnancy I expected. 

This is a lesson I haven't had to learn first hand - that the Lord often blesses us with exactly what we want in an unfamiliar form.  Still a great blessing, just not tailored to our expectations.  Just like with our streak of infertility - it wasn't what I wanted but it blessed us greatly in that we didn't have a tiny baby and a family falling apart in the most pivotal part of Ted's schooling.  Not to say that would happen to everyone, but I know me and I need Ted at these times.  I needed him with Gwenna was born and mourned him returning to work.  I needed him when Mer came along, so badly.  I'll need Ted badly when baby three makes his debut.

Eventually the bloat and the hormones balanced out, our fears of Clomid twins were calmed by our first ultrasound at 7 weeks (good strong heat beat and good looking baby!), and though I'm sick again, I'm grateful we're here.


Nikki said...

Congrats! It sounds like your a little ahead of me! I am glad Clomid worked for you, I would never wish infertility upon any one. So happy for you and Ted!

The Browns said...

YAY!!! not for the sickness, but for everything else! Congrats. I keep meaning to email you and time keeps getting away from me, SO here's a comment on your blog, which I'm equally bad with. =] I'm so excited for you guys! And HECK YEAH on San Diego! LOVE it there! Good luck with everything!!