Other Growing Things

 All our children are growing beautifully but other things around our house are growing, as well.  When we picked out our house we live in now, we had a lot of hope.  Hope for grass.  Our landlord waved off our questions about the possibility of grass. "Just water it.  All you have to do is water it."  Neither Ted nor I had really lived somewhere we'd tried to grow grass before Safford and that, for our efforts, was a joke. 

So, with hope, we watered.  Below is a picture of what it looked like when we moved in, more or less.  It's not a great pictures; it wasn't intended to be of the grass but of the girls watering the rose bushes with Ted.  What grass there was was brown, brittle, and looked like it could blow away.  But we just watered.  And it grew!  Who would have thought?

In the collage below, the pictures on the top were taken July 12.  The pictures below were taken July 21 (today).  We're happy to say the grass isn't just growing and filling in, it's getting down right bushy.  It took a while for it to spread out but now it is.  Ted has worked so hard on this grass.  I just hope we have a full yard (at least most of the bare spots filled in) by time fall rolls around.  That would be beautiful!

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Amy said...

Just come live near us, then you'll have plenty of grass! :)

Glad to see all these posts. I hope that means you're feeling somewhat better!