Earth Shattering News

OK, so that title may be a little extreme, but not terribly.

We're headed out on vacation today (NOT the news).  We have a family reunion in Mesa and then we will be going to California.  A high school/college friend called out of the blue and invited our family to join her family at their beach house in San Diego.  We thought about it for about 6 seconds before we agreed we would go.  Ted, miraculously, had the time off anyway.  We're excited and getting more so as the minutes tick away.

The down side?  The family reunion WAS the exciting part of the weekend.  I'm sure it will still be fun though. But I'm really looking forward to CA.

As for the news... the pictures of CA and the reunion will be rather telling (should I ever post pictures on this blog - there will at least be some on the girls' blog) so let me just spill the rascally - almost rabid - cat out of the bag.


That's right, Crowder baby #3 is on his way.  Yes, I said "he" - and I say that because this baby has made me miserable when neither of my girls did.  Call it wishful thinking, call it needing a scapegoat... regardless, we're calling "it" a "him".

I'm about 9 weeks and you're likely thinking "Wow, and she thinks her vacation pictures will show her belly?"  Yes, yes I do.  The third baby experience has not been kind by any stretch of the imagination.  But we're still excited. :)

OK, got that over with.  I've been dying to post something, somewhere.  Our whole families already know and a few select friends.  I'm sure I'll build up to posting something on Facebook when we get home.  Until then, happy (belated) 4th of July, happy summer, and especially a happy MONSOON to my AZ friends. I know we're been LOVING it!!


Amy said...

Yay San Diego! And Baby! And you might not be as big as you think. I took pictures of when I was pregnant with A. I thought I was huge! A couple months ago I looked at the picture again. Ya, didn't look pregnant at all. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is you'll look great no matter what!

(I'll help you wishful think for a boy too)

Sarah said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOO for baby number three!!!
And on San Diego!
And on family reunions!