Less than worthy but wholly grateful

Tonight as I put my girls to bed they were restless and I wasn't surprised when I was summoned back into their bedroom three minutes after tucking them in.

"My eyes don't want to be closed.  I can't go to sleep," Gwenna informed me. 

I asked her if she wanted  me to kiss her eyes closed.  I do this something, to help them stay shut.  I give each eye a good, firm kiss.  Gwenna's normally stay shut after that.  Mer's pop right back open and she flashes me a great big smile.

This was the case tonight.  I kissed Mer's eyes and her forehead and whispered "I love you, I love you, I love you."  In typical Meredith fashion, she asked, "Why DO you?"  I told her, "Heavenly Father gave me two beautiful, wonderful girls to take care of and love and to love me.  And I do love you, so much. I'm so glad we're a family."

That was mostly that for them, but for me the moment wasn't over as I walked out their door.  It's moments like that which humble me so thoroughly as I think how blessed I am to have these two amazing children in my life.  They mean an inexplicable amount to me and I'm grateful both that I have them both and that they were born when they were.  They are both examples to me and I am grateful for each of them every single day.

(... Says the woman who just informed her precious daughters that the next one to make a peep would lose their sleeping bag off her bed.)

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