ALMOST there

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged. There has just been SO going on! - Graduation, CA trip, packed the house in a week, moved... Now we're in that terrible phase of unpacking.

Actually, overall, it isn't too terrible. We're here, our stuff is here, Ted sleeps an hour later each morning, rides his bike to work, and is home an hour earlier at night. All things considered, life is really good. We're more or less "there" - that place we were really looking forward to being after school ended.

Well, we're almost there.

Just before we moved we put on our big girl panties, headed over to Home Depot, and purchased a new washer and dryer. Not the first time we've purchased new appliances (replaced the washer, dryer, stove, and dishwasher in our home we own in Flagstaff) but it's been a long time since we made a purchase that large or grown up. Didn't have the need or the funds.

Yesterday, they were delivered. They make me really happy. Well, the washer does. I assume the dryer will also.

The washer is really quiet, holds a ton of clothes, and kind of sings when it's done washing. But the dryer wasn't compatible with the outlet in the laundry closet. See evidence below. Dryer NOT hooked up.

See? Almost there.

But five loads of laundry were calling me name so I improvised and tied a cord around the posts to our covered porch. Now we have a clothes line. Kind of.

Then there's unpacking. Ooooh unpacking. This house is so much differnt than our old house. There aren't 2 exterior closets, a 10x10 master closet, and a 900 square foot storage unit in the back yard. In fact, the storage that is in the back yard is full of our landlord's things (sound familiar?) and we have a small 6x6 or so exterior storage area for our bulk. It's INSANE.

So the pictures are mostly hung. The clothes are mostly put away. And there are still boxes everywhere.

But we're almost there.

At least my kids aren't sleeping on the floor anymore, as they were the last few nights in our old house, when we'd sold Mer's bed, my mother-in-law's bed (she got Gwenna's twin size bed), and the girls' new beds were at the new house...

And we're NOT making 1-2 trips a day to the new house, an hour away, with all the seats taken out of the van, bursting with miscellany.

So, we're almost there but in the mean time, things are good. Mer has almost stopped saying she wants to go home (down to about once a day) and they even had their first play date with some kids in the neighborhood. Life is going on, as it always insists.

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