A 93% or a 1060

Ted being done with his FINAL final is a strange feeling.

I imagined I'd feel relieved when he finished.  Elated... like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. 

But I feel ... different than that.  I feel kind of how I did on my wedding day.  I feel like I'm about to dive head first into something awesome.  The best difference is I'm already married and we have two beautiful children in tow.  Starting fresh with the people I love most.

School was kind of lonely.  Ted and I had our own duties to perform and we couldn't really overlap or help each other.  Ted came home whipping out a new vernacular that was more than foreign to me, than I asked for translations of.  Except for occasionally transcribing for him, I couldn't be much help for him unless the answers were in the book I quizzed him from.  As for me, I've had my own set of duties he couldn't help with - not for lack of ability but lack of time.  We were running in our separate spheres sometimes, crossing here and there.

So I guess after all of this - these past three years - I'm just excited and resigned to the idea that the day has arrive and we finally get to enjoy it.

Now we just have to get through this month.  And I'll do so happily, there's lots of fun to be had.  This weekend we'll join Ted in Phoenix for his clinicals.  Well, we'll stay at the hotel with him but we'll let him go to the ICU without us.  Next week we'll have to start packing so we get something done before we have to move because the week after that we'll be in California!  We're going to San Diego and Disneyland and we're ALL-SO-EXCITED!

I knew my husband was smart when I married him - he did choose me, after all (haha!).  But it wasn't until he found what he wanted out of life that he really applied himself in school and we've seen his brain soak of knowledge like a dry sponge.  Ted for a 93% on his final - that's cumulative for the past 2 years - and in HESI talk (for anyone who knows what that means) he got a 1060.  He needed a 850 to pass - nurses pass with a B, an 80%.  I'm just amazed at all Ted has learned, what he has become, what he is capable of, where it is taking us as a family, and all the things we have in our future.  I'm excited about life.

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Heather said...

Congratulations! Woohhoo to being DONE! I hope your "new" life is everything you've hoped for and it sounds like you are well on your way to making it so.