On Friday night, I had a little something on my nose, in between my nostrils on ... whatever that part of your nose is called. For those who know my nose, it was in the crack. Just a little "something." I woke Saturday morning to a full blown painful scabby blemish gone wrong... or something. It was puffy, painful, and UGLY!

I put neosporin on it like it was going out of style. My Sunday morning it was not painful and a little easier on the eyes. Don't get my wrong, it was still terrible to look at but not as bad.

In true Sunbeam (3-4 year old children) fashion, as soon as we sat down in class at church, my kids said, "What's wrong with your nose??" I used this as a chance to share with them how awesome our bodies are - that I had a scab because there was an owie on my nose and isn't it great that the Lord provided a way for our bodies to heal? They all looked at my with blank faces.

"But," I interjected at the last minute, "it kind of looks like a super gross BOOGER, doesn't it??"

That got a great laugh and we never touched upon it again.

I'm learning, after so many years of having needed to know, that it's completely counter-productive to get held up on -to be sore about - things we can't change. I have an ugly scab that probably looks like a booger but it is what it is and oh well.

I have a daughter (no names mentioned) who is the epitome of TWO and sometimes melts down or lashes out in public. Oh well, she's my daughter, I love her, and most people have had their own experiences with two-year-olds.

People ask me every week the most awful questions. "So are you going to try for a boy?" "Don't you guys want any more kids?" "No more in diapers, time to get busy!" But, we are where we are and as AWFUL as people can be, I choose not to get bent out of shape or be sore about these things. There are some things you can change now and will only alter with time.


The Browns said...

Great perspective! Funny enough, Ben has gotten the OPPOSITE questions from people he comes across at work...You're having ANOTHER one? Like 2 isn't enough? Oh I guess you're really going for that "Mormon" family! (Because THREE is SUCH a huge family). It's fun. =]

Heather said...

Seriously? Sometimes I want to punch people. I am sure you are practicing great restraint and that is admirable but at least mentally slap them for me, mkay?