Shaking off the "laze"

A friend of mine said a friend of her's (read: here) said, "The laziest moms are the ones who do it all."  At first I was caught off guard by that statement.  How could someone who "does it all" be lazy?  Isn't that, by definition, contradictory?

Well, see, not really.  We're talking about the mom who does it all herself - who doesn't instruct her children, who doesn't encourage her children to take ownership for their actions and messes, who thinks it's just easier to do it themselves than teach consequences and responsibility to her children.  We know that mom.  We're all that mom sometimes.

I found myself being that mom more often than I cared to admit.  And reading that small quote on my friend's blog snapped me back to reality - the place where it is my duty, my charge, my responsibility and blessing to be able to show my daughters how it's done!

How did I plan to change my ways?  Just jump in.  I've tried to help my kids learn to clean up one mess activity before moving onto another. This is tougher than just following around after them with a dustpan and vacuum (I jest! ... mostly.)  Also, I've been asking them to join me in most of the things I do.

Frustrating: folding laundry with a 2 and 3-year-old, sweeping with "help", making 10 light bags of groceries for tiny arms. 

Awesome: energetic dusters, 4 tiny hands that love to clean my bathtub, mirror and occasionally my toilet.

Vacuuming is tough when the vacuum weighs more than you!

We already cooked together regularly but since I've invited my kids to jump in on meal prep, Meredith asks to help every time I'm in the kitchen.  No joke.  I'm prepping dinner by washing the broccoli and cutting it into florets?  Mer washes with the best of 'em.  I'm making toast?  She wants to put the bread in and push the button.  I'm opening yogurt?  Mer to the rescue!  I'm standing in the kitchen aimlessly, wanting a snack because I forgot to have lunch? "An I elp you, Mommy?"  She's the best.

Putting away dishes gives this girl an unusual amount of joy.
Along with being the best, Mer not only wants to dirty dishes cooking, she wants to clean them!  Woo to the Hoo!  She's not half bad either.  Only pours water on my feet 2 or 3 times per washing and never touches the soap.  I've got it made!

The more I think about how much these children will face, the more I realize that I have the blessing to see the bountiful rewards that we can all reap by early preparation.  if they figure out the small things now, they can battle the bigger monsters and demons later.  That's why I'm working at shaking off the laze and letting my kids jump in and help... no matter how much help their "help" really is.

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Amy said...

S "helped" roll out the pizza dough last night. I let her do it because it was easier than fighting her on it. She feels so good about herself when she gets to help!