Set Aside Pride

I take pride in my children being good eaters.

We play a game, normally while at the park or on the swings in our back yard, where I ask the girls what they like to eat. Meredith started it months ago.

"Do you like green beans? Fish? Cheese? Potatoes? Chicken? Yogurt? Honey toast? Green peas?" Yes, yes to all of the above. And it's true, my girls are, for the most part, excellent eaters.

I attribute this to their refined sense of taste obviously given to them by my genetics. Also, having a large variety of foods, well prepared, makes it an easier task. Either way you look at it, I take credit for it. ... I'm only partially serious about this. I do take pride in their palates, but it's not all me by any means. I do like to feed them a healthful variety of foods though.

But, every so often, I put my drive to stuff them full of bananas, oatmeal, lean meat, and green things. Like today. Today we went to Tucson while the girls stayed home with their Nana. I love that every so often we can confidently take ff for a day and they are taken care of, even if it means they're eating chicken nuggets and blue boxed pasta.

Ted and I originally were heading down to Tucson for an appointment with my doctor but it was cancelled. We kept the date anyway and spent the day together. It's so refreshing to be with just Ted, doing just the things we want to do (Go to Sam's and Target, eat at 5 Guys, and see "The Hunger Games") - together.

I could use more of this. Maybe when I flip the calendar one more time and Ted is graduated. ... Even at the expense of my children's palates.

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Amy said...

I too love how S loves the healthy things. Like right now, she's snacking on some carrots. She's eaten so many I wouldn't be surprised if she turned orange! :)

I'm glad you got a day alone with Ted. I could really use something like that right about now (but with Wes!).