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I read something recently about a mom who was "bogged down". She had been given the advice to do one thing everyday that she didn't have to do - it couldn't be for someone else specifically and it should be something she takes joy in. Just one thing, each day. I refer to it as a Human Task.

As mothers and wives, we easily become laden with long lists of things we must do for others. You know the drill: diapers, mop floors, make dinner, balance the check book, sew a Halloween costume, work on homework, drive half a dozen places... I'm not saying we don't do it willingly or most of the time happily. But I think it would be helpful to me to have one Human Task - a non-mom, non-wife task each day. Just something little.

Today I decided to make hamburger buns. I've been working on baking from scratch (mostly yeast baking, bread) for a long time and I've improved. We had company for dinner one night this weekend and I made hamburger buns. I should know better than to make a recipe I've never made before when we are having people over. But I do it all the time. Tying out a new bread recipe is really risky though.

I made 30 minute hamburger buns from the Tryon family cookbook. I followed the recipe just right but without any sort of famous results. They were alright but despite the 2 T. of yeast, they didn't rise well. Today I wanted to try again. So I did. It felt so nice to make something that wasn't required, something I could just put away.

The only problem was, I forgot the salt. Kind of a big error in the bread world. I had it mixed but not totally kneaded yet so I kneaded it in. It helped but could have been better.

Despite that minor error, I was happy to do something that I just wanted to do... because I wanted to do it. It was fun and for me cooking and baking is a stress reliever. So I'd say my first assigned Human Task was a success.

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Amy said...

Well, at least it's not like you forgot to put the corn starch in the lemon meringue pie filling like some husbands I know. :)

We've totally forgotten the salt before in bread recipes!