One wreck dserves another

I swear, I don't have all bad days.  But lately there have been a good number of them.  Ugh.  "Rub some dirt on it, be a man!" (Can anyone name that movie??)

Today was lacking in all things excitable and just kinda Blaaaaaahh.  Not a wreck of a day- like yesterday (lame!) but just plain Jane (poooor Jane).  I hopped on over to Cake Wrecks just to get a little laugh.  Oh dear, am I ever glad I did.  You can skip the text in this post and just enjoy the cakes.  They made me laugh BIG TIME.  You'll thank me.  In fact, just thank me now and save yourself the time in coming back.

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Suzanne M said...

She's the Man!!! That is a movie my husband and I both love. I bought it for him for our first Christmas together. :)
I'm sorry you've had a string off not-so-great days lately. If you ever need to talk, just call or text me. I'd love to talk anytime! I hope your days get better soon! You deserve some super happy days!