Mini Plea

Tonight, as Ted was getting ready to walk out the door to begin the 50 minute commute to work, I whispered in his ear. "Just don't go to work.  They won't even know you're missing."  This, of course, was a lie.  Not only would they know he was missing, they'd probably fire him.  They switched him from a Sunday day shift to a Saturday night shift to fill someone's spot.

I'm not normally one to try to entice my husband to play hookie at work.  In my defense, I didn't even really mean it, but I felt it.

Today was such a good day.  All week long Ted was not much more than a wisp of smoke at breakfast and dinner and that was on the good days, when he was able to eat with us and not awake at 4:30 to make it to the hospital by 5.  We dealt with it, just as we're dealt with it for the past 2+ years.  It's the price we have to pay and it isn't all the time, luckily.  It just is what it is.

But today Ted was off.  No school.  No clinicals.  No work.  It was awesome.  The kids slept all night long in their own beds, no waking up. When they did wake up just before 7, Ted hopped out of bed and cared for them while I drifted in and our of sleep for another hour.  Heavenly!  We had a leisurely breakfast of Tuesday pancakes and raspberry syrup and then took the rest of the morning to hike on the mountain, down to a little creek.  It started to snow very lightly and we headed back to the car.  I can't remember the last time I took pictures of a family activity or even took my camera out of the house.  We really don't do a lot with Ted these days.  But today was so perfect.

Ted even watched the girls so I could get away for an hour or so to a friend's baby shower.  Mer and I played all alone in the back yard while Gwenna played inside with Nana on her Kindle.  I love playing alone with Mer because she is such a riot.  When I woke Ted from his pre-work nap I just lay down on the bed next to him, nearly nose to nose, and breathed in the smell of Ted.  I don't take enough time to appreciate the small things that make up my husband in the way that I do my children.  They're growing and changing so I make a point of it.  This isn't really so with Ted. I made dinner early in the the day so when Ted woke from his nap we could eat leisurely rather than rush.

So after all this I think I was justified in my plea for Ted to not fly the coop.  But he had to go and that's OK too.  It made me appreciate even more what a great day it was.  No real schedule, no rushing to one thing or another, just a leisurely day with one another.  Maybe it could have been spent doing anything and it still would have been great because we were able to be together.

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Amy said...

Good job on the picture face in the second picture Gwenna!

I'm glad you had such a special day!