Heavy List

Right now is my time to read my scrptures but I'm sacrificing it (postponing it a bit) to be able to write while I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about.

My dear friend Lisa emailed me last night, asking after me, wondering why she'd been thinking about me all day. I gave her a list of concerns, reasons she might be thinking about me. Here they are.

* Mer's kidney fiasco (link)

* I have PCOS? Maybe? My doctor in Tucson (because we love it there so much for all our healthcare needs! *heavy sarcasm*) diagnosed me about a week ago. I've been put on mock-progesterone (a hormone) which has been mostly good but also emotionally trying at times. ... I say "maybe?" I have it because I haven't really resigned myself to this fact yet. PCOS is elusive in its diagnosis and all my blood work has come back great.

* Um, Ted graduates in SIX WEEKS. We have been planning a trip to Disney (as last year's trip was killed by my surgery) and now that may not happen depending on the cost of Mer's possible surgery.

* The house we live in right now is going on the market this week. Our lease is up in July and we have to go ... somewhere. We have NO IDEA where we are going to go. Willcox, Tucson, Flagstaff, and staying here are all options, some more favorable than others.

* This house we live in right now, as I said, is going on the market and therefore they want PICTURES. I get that - I like pictures when I'm looking at houses. Pictures SELL houses. But, um, I live here and this is kind of stressing me out. How are people going to see past my crap? I started going through, room by room, to make my house picture worthy.

* We have NO IDEA what to do with our house in Flagstaff. The market is just getting worse basically in all of AZ but Flagstaff is suffering badly. Try to sell? Keep renting it out? MOVE there?

... Those are the things I shared with my friend that are weighing on my mind and keeping me busy. I'm sort of handling the issues as they come to me. Right now, working on the house. Then, we get to tackle health things. Graduation will come with its own big ball of wax and I'm only planning as much as I can at the moment.

I'm not really stressed out as much as I feel like I should be. There's just a lot coming up. But overall, despite a lot of pots simmering, things are going really well. The kids are happy and healthy, growing and learning, and that, of course, is paramount. Life really is good - we are blessed HUGELY - despite my short list of concerns.

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