Old Pictures

I was looking through some old pictures tonight after I meal planned for the coming week, while my 2-year-old screamed herself to sleep (sigh) and I found some gems. All taken just over 2 years ago, January 2010.

First, a good sisterly love picture.  I love this one.  We're a very kissy family, especially Mer, and appparently that started young.

I love this picture of Gwenny.  So cuddly and soft.  She was about 18 months here.

Fun picture of both the girls smiling.  I LOVED that little outfit of Mer's - it had satin-y wings on the back and was SO incredibly soft & cozy - a prototype for every other piece of baby winter clothing.

Gwenna imitating Mom, no doubt.  She liked to get on the laptop and pretend.  Gee, I wonder why we go through computers so quickly....

That January we evacuated ourselves before a HUGE snowstorm (feet of snow upon the feet we already had!) because we were afraid of losing power.  Our heat in our house in Flagstaff was electric and it could get COLD without it.  We went to the house of a friend of mine from when I was working at NAU.  They had a nice warm stove in case of emergency.  We had a lot of fun.  My friend, Linda, took this picture of Mer after she fell asleep.  Mer (then Olivia!) went through a growth spurt and slept the whole two days it seemed.

I love to look back on these old pictures.  They're so cute and fun!

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Niki said...

How old is Mer in the last one? So tiny!