In the hospital

Back in January, Ted tested for his LPN license and got it.  Shortly after, desiring to graduate from CNA responsibilities you has a work, he applied for a few LPN jobs.  He interviewed for two and was offered both jobs. 

The first job was at the hospital he already works at.  Actually, he works at the nursing home that is connected to the hospital but it's basically the same entity.  The job is in the hospital though, with hospital (med-surge) experience.  It was an RN position that he applied for internally.  Luckily, his employer has a program there for LPNs who are pursuing their RN license.  So it's an RN job, really, that he can work as an LPN, 1 semster out from his RN.  Awesome, right?  However, it's an hour away - 12 hours plus a 2 hour round trip commute makes a 14 hours work day.  This translates to not seeing the kids at all on days he works.  Also, there's the cost of gas each way. 

The second job is in town at a nursing home.  The patient-nurse ratio is something like 30-1 (what?!?!).  It's in a nursing home, a venue he's already very familiar with.  The starting pay is at least a $1 more and hour than the hospital with a 7 minute commute.  Also, the 7-7 shift he'd have as a nurse there would allow him to see the kids possibly before work and certainly after.

So which job do you think he took? 

The job at the hospital!  Yes, it's father away, resulting in less time at home.  Yes, it pays a little less and there is the cost of the commute (gas, miles on the car resulting in more frequent maintenance).  Yes, it takes him out of his comfort zone.  But we could not be blessed with a better opportunity.  Ted, upon graduating, will not only already have a job, but when he applies as a new grad nurse, he will have hospital nursing experience that no one else he graduates with will have.  That is basically invaluable.

There tends to be a catch for poor new grad nurses - many places don't want to give you a job without experience but without getting a job you can't gain that experience.  It's quite the catch 22.

Despite the long work days - tough on all of us - it's a HUGE blessing and we're really very grateful for this opportunity.

Today is Ted's first day and it seems as though (from the couple of texts he's been able to send) that things are going well!  I'm excited for Ted to work as a nurse, gain this amazing experience, prove to himself that he's an awesome nurse... and of course, make decent money (if only he could work enough hours...) in the process.

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